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In today’s world, Television has a huge number of audience coverage. When compared to other media services, any commercial played on television has a greater impact among the audience. Hundreds of television channels are been broadcasted on TV 24*7 in order to grasp the attention of the various number of viewers. Additionally, televisions are located in almost all public places and for all types of people, they are running programs for entertaining people and also for making a profit out of it!

Basically, commercials are broadcasted in TV slots which are nothing but a short duration of several seconds. Ratings of the slots are purely based on the popularity and reach of the program. Any commercial telecasted during this high rating slot will definitely earn the maximum number of viewers. Commercials on Television can be telecasted to viewers ranging from duration of a few seconds to minutes in order to display the information about the product. Television Advertisement in Chennai conveys detailed information about a product/service to the consumers in an efficient manner.

Additionally, on television, we have numerous channels each telecast shows in various fields like news, entertainment, sports, kids and knowledge-oriented and thus it helps business owners to showcase their commercial to the target audiences via a specialized program and channel. Even more, Television is becoming interactive nowadays via SMS service, contests, gifts, and prizes thereby trying to promote the brand identity and customer’s reach. Telemarketing and Teleshopping in television also plays a role as a direct medium for selling products.

The nation’s most common leisure activity is watching TV. Television is having an impact on audiences of all demographics and age groups. Television advertising stands as the most powerful advertising medium with around 40 % of the direct impact rate. Brands N Behind is one of the top Television advertising agencies in Chennai and advertising via Brands N Behind allows you to reach regionally, locally and nationally easily. It offers the best rates and services for the effective building of the customer base and builds brand reputation by using efficient ad techniques.

Challenges of Television Advertising

#1- Scheduling the Right Spot- Definitely, scheduling the desired Spot for your target consumers is not an easy task. Viewership rate and other nuisances need to be considered before advertising your ad for better publicity of your brand.

#2- Understand Brand’s Features Better before Proceeding- For achieving grand success in your advertising, you need to remember three prominent things before proceeding and that is, Listen, Analyze and Resolve. Understand the target audience’s expectations well and then move forward to improvising your brand.

 #3- Frequency Vs Reach- Advertising your ad on the television channel with no level of reach seems pointless. Analyze the channels for reaching the targeting groups seems to be a precise way of maximizing the reach. Hence, the listener’s capacity and reach for each channel need to be reviewed in a detailed manner.

#4- Dual Target Group Coverage- For magnificent reach and huge revenue return, instead of focusing on the single target group, it’s wise to advertise your business with the aim of targeting both parents and kids.

#5- Professional Media Persons- Perfect time slot and location of your ad need to be chosen. The duration of the advertisement also need to precisely decide in order to cover the necessary information about your product to the consumers effectively.

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Increase Brand Impact by joining Brands N Behind- Television advertising Agency in Chennai

Television advertising in Chennai is definitely one of the well-known media for advertising your service/brand for reaching huge audience. Television advertising in Chennai is one of the most preferable ways of promotion for huge and massive market size. Brands N Behind is a leading television advertising agency in Chennai which eventually delivers detailed analysis about demographics related to various television channels.

Professionals in Brands N Behind are not only expertise in designing successful Television ad campaigns but also they are well-worse in capturing user’s engagement and attention. We here at Brands N Behind clearly understand the television ad promotions and assists in developing ad promotions, brand design and design attractive TV ads that are capable of creating a positive and deeper impact on the viewer’s mind.

We promote TV ad campaigns not only on local TV channels but also in national as well as regional TV channels. We deliver our customers with the best television advertising offers and services at possible rates as per their preferences.

TV Campaign Cost

The foremost stage of any television commercial advertising agency is to have a look at the budget of the campaign. Professionals in our team, work on budgets to deliver you the best offers starting from little to around thousands based on the ratings. As a potential independent television advertising agency in Chennai, we assure you that you can ensure reasonable costs across all other TV ad agencies in Chennai.

The Consumer

For knowing your requirements and target audience, we do lots of research and analysis with the help of various media tools for gathering certain information about your target consumers like, what’s their preferred category channel on TV and what’s their preferred program. With this kind of information in mind, we will telecast your advertisement accordingly in order to cover all the target consumers.

Suitable Timing

We also suggest you about the timing of your television campaign, whether you like to advertise your ad at 5 PM to 11 PM peak hours, or late night 11 PM to morning 10:30 AM or from morning 10 AM to 5 PM only or willing to promote your ad in mixed time slots. Peak time advertising is a more suitable option for brand lead and retail campaigns.


As we know, there are so many channels in Chennai and India. We will recommend all our clients about the high reach channels based on their budgets for getting the best results. Television commercial advertising designs are purely designed based on the consumer’s opinion.

Brands N Behind is the best Television advertising agency in Chennai which assists clients in enjoying the best and lowest ad rates for Television Advertising. We have a tie-up with around 100+ TV channels across Chennai. We assure clients with best discount offers while placing an advertisement on TV channels through us.