CMBT (Koyambedu) Advertising Agency in Chennai

What is the first thing that peeps into your mind when you think of CMBT advertising? For almost all of us, we may get an image of a big billboard on the business building or along the highway pops into our minds. CMBT in Chennai has around 6 platforms with around 180 bus bays in 3 bus fingers. CMBT is regarded as the most prominent entry-exit point of the Chennai city and it’s capable of handling around 2,000 buses as well as 200,000 buses on a single day. The bus terminus presently has the capability of handling more than 500 buses and overall handles around 3000 buses.

The area of the bus terminus is around 36.5 acres and around 25,000 sq. feet parking space is allotted for auto-rickshaws, private cars, cabs, and 17,850 sq. feet space for passengers to wait, and 16,000 sq. feet for two-wheeler parking space. Being the most prominent bus terminus in Chennai city, it’s been visited by numerous people on a day. Advertising in CMBT in Chennai seems to be a wise choice for business owners to broadcast their services to the consumers to a large extent. CMBT advertising in Chennai seems to be one of the effective ways to promote your sales and brand identity among the consumers.

For attracting your target audience with your brand/service, you need to advertise it via a leading CMBT advertising agency in Chennai. Brands N Behind, authorized CMBT advertising agency in Chennai helps you with various interesting offers and services to promote your brand identity. CMBT advertising seems to be the popular advertising media and regarded as the best way to grab the attention of the target audience.

Why advertise in CMBT Bus terminus, Chennai?

#1- Advertising your brand or service in CMBT bus terminus, Chennai will assist you in reaching the target consumers all around the globe.

#2- You enjoy massive audience reach just by spending an affordable budget and it’s scalable too.

#3- Via advertising in CMBT bus terminus, you can get huge revenue return and improvised brand identity among the consumers in the market.

cmbt advertising chennai

Benefits of CMBT Advertising

#1- Larger Impact- Unlike radio and television, CMBT advertising comes under the category of BTL advertising and hence it’s been viewed by more than thousands of passengers on a day. Since it’s been advertised throughout the day periodically or continuously the consumer will have to look at the advertisement and its catchy look and visibility will give a larger impact on their minds.

#2- Cost-Effective – CMBT advertising in Chennai seems to be a cost-effective approach which delivers huge revenue return because of its visibility when compared to other advertising media. By spending an affordable sum of money, you can enjoy revenue returns beyond your expectations.

#3- Massive Reach- Another interesting advantage is that, since CMBT in Chennai has numerous numbers of visitors in a single day, advertising your service or brand in that location will get your brand a massive reach among the consumers. Additionally, you can cover all categories of people via Koyambedu advertising in Chennai.

Why Brands N Behind for CMBT Advertising in Chennai?

Brands N Behind, a trustable CMBT advertising agency in Chennai has numerous years of experience in CMBT advertising. We assist you in developing catchy and innovative content for your brand or service to cover all the target audience. We have a team of professionals to deliver you a creative and out of box designs to achieve higher visibility. You can enjoy services at an affordable rate and we do have better offers and special packages to make you even more comfortable. Contact us today for CMBT advertising in Chennai to improvise your brand identity!