Bus Shelter Advertising in Chennai

Of course, Bus shelter advertising is another form of advertisement in Chennai where the travelers can take a look at what actually your company does. Bus shelter advertising in Chennai assists you in promoting your brand among both the bus travelers and passersby. For achieving effective results, you need to decide the bus stops where you need to publish your advertisements ensuring that you can reach massive target audiences in order to promote your brand. Daily interaction with your brand via bus shelter advertising in Chennai will help in creating a good feel on their minds about your product or service and which in turn results in choosing your brand at some point in time.

Bus shelters are nothing but the localities where the consumers across the city wait and they may come in contact with your advertisement featuring interesting facts about your brand. Choosing the perfect place for featuring your advertisement will help you in catching the huge of consumers. Presently, bus shelters are coming in neat looking spaces where you can display your brand advertisement effortlessly and can earn huge revenue return via creative advertisement contents. For developing creative content as well as innovative designs you need to hire an authorized bus shelter advertising agency in Chennai. Brands N Behind, a leading bus shelter advertising agency in Chennai and that has specialization in the bus shelter advertising in Chennai for more number of years.

Bus shelter advertising in Chennai is actually a fantastic medium for both startups as well as big business companies to reach out to the target audience across the city. It’s one of the most used advertising options by the advertisers in order to improvise the brand identity and sales volume. Advertising via bus shelters in Chennai is a flexible and adaptable mode of outdoor advertising and its ideal for both small as well as large campaigns. It offers you the flexibility to have control over how to convey your brand message to the target audience. At Brands N Behind, you can enjoy dedicated services at affordable advertising rates and costs.

Why Bus sheltering advertising in Chennai?

Bus Shelter Advertising

Chennai is one of the busiest cities with a well-developed public transport system. Public buses in Chennai are operated by MTC. Across various localities in Chennai, we have beautifully designed bus shelters for helping travelers to wait during their travel time. In Chennai, bus shelter advertising seems to be an effective option because of certain reasons and that includes,

#1- As we all know, Chennai is known for its traffic jams and being the city with slow-moving traffic in South India, advertising your brand via bus shelter advertising in Chennai will offer a huge amount of time to the consumers for knowing the detailed information about a product or service in the market. It also offers an opportunity to the advertisers for grasping the attention of the consumers for earning better brand reach.

#2- Hyperlocal targeting can be achieved via advertising with the help of billboards or bus shelters. You can attract varied category consumers towards your brand and which in turn fetch you a huge reach in their minds.

#3- You can also achieve a longer impact and better identity than other services in the market via creating an advertisement with innovative, catchy, and colorful designs. This will give your brand a better reach and quality in the consumer minds.

#4- Unlike other advertising options like television advertising or FM advertising in Chennai, Bus shelter advertising in Chennai via popular bus shelters will offer you the benefit of visually unavoidable. People can skip or turn it off and hence you may reach millions of consumers via your advertisement.

Bus shelter advertising ad rates and costs in Chennai

Bus shelter advertising ad rates and costs are variable in different ad locations and display regions. Based on the locations with a maximum reach of consumers, your ad rates may differ. Additionally, the ad rates and costs for bus shelters, hoardings, billboards, etc. are determined based on various other factors too. In Brands N Behind, you can enjoy special packages and affordable ad rates and costs for publishing your advertisement via bus shelters in Chennai. It’s a cost-effective approach with the goal of reaching the maximum number of consumers across the city!

Interesting Features of Bus shelter advertising in Chennai

Choosing bus shelter advertising in Chennai has various other benefits and let’s explores the interesting benefits of bus shelter advertising.

  • Massive brand reach among the consumers can be achieved via this type of advertising option.
  • Extremely higher visibility and immediate reach which in turn provides huge revenue return and improvised sales volume.
  • Geographical targeting is another interesting feature by which you can improvise sales in a particular locality and brand promotion in your target locality.
  • Advertising via bus shelters is ideal for promotional campaigns as well as for short-term businesses.

Why Brands N Behind for Bus shelter advertising in Chennai?

Are you looking for bus shelter advertising in Chennai? Brands N Behind, prime bus shelter advertising agency in Chennai has many years of expertise in this field of advertising. We offer trusted and genuine service to all our clients with the aim of brand promotion among the target audience. You can enjoy attractive benefits and special offers in ad rates and costs via Brands N Behind. We assist in finding the desired advertising bus shelter location according to your preference and based on the target audience category in order to earn better results beyond your expectations. Give us a chance to improve your sales promotion via bus shelter advertising in Chennai!


Based on the locations, the bus shelter advertising rates and costs get varied and here in Brands N Behind, the advertising rates are affordable and are determined based on the location as well as on the average traffic in that locality.

Basically, in the bus terminus, we can see 2 advertising boards. The dimension of the top board is about 25.11 ft. x 2.9 ft. While another board dimension is 18.9 ft. x 4.7 ft.

Yeah! Buses are the most preferred transport medium for all categories of people in Chennai and hence during their travel your ads will get definitely be notified for sure.