Logo Design Company in Chennai

A great logo is undoubtedly the identity of any brand. It distinguishes the reputation of one company from other. In order to understand which logo will work best for your organization is a big task. Many a times it has happened that companies with the best of products and services have suffered in the market just because their faulty logo. At brands n behind we provide the best of logo design company in Chennai. There are certain steps that we follow while designing any logo.

How our logo design services will help your business?

Help in grabbing attention of the clients

A perfectly designed logo will always help in grabbing the essential attention of the clients. This is an interesting way to communicate with the potential client. Thus, an impressive is logo will work as a boon for your company. As it will work as a 24*7 social executive for your company.

Creates a remarkable impression

Logo design will create a remarkable impression on your clients. By looking at the logo they will have a better understanding of your business. We at brands n behind design the logo in such a way that it becomes unforgettable from the clients memory. On a mere glimpse they could identify it is our motto while we design your logo. With the apt consistency of color and formation of the logo we design it in such a way that it resonates the mind of the company to their clients.

Logo is a benchmark for loyalty

The logo speaks as a mark for consistency. Your clients expect loyalty and consistency with you when they ask you to make a logo for them. For instance, some clothing brands are more famous than others the reason behind it is that they have created a benchmark for their clients. Their clients trust them with their services.

We at brands n behind create future rich logos in other to withstand with the ever-increasing competition in the market. Clients from Chennai are contended with the logo designs we have made so far and this has made us the best logo design company in Chennai.

The logo’s made at brands n behind are versatile and target-oriented. We understand what a business needs and according to it we create logo’s for our clients. Our logo designs standout among the companies of the same arenas.

We basically make 5 types of logos which are mentioned as follows:
  1. Symbolic/ Iconic logos
  2. Word/ Text logos
  3. Combination logos
  4. Lettermark logos
  5. Emblem logos (Text inside symbol)

These are the basic five types of logo designs on which the logo designing is based on or you can also say that these are the pillars of logo design.

At brands n behind we follow a specific set of protocol while designing a logo.

Proper research

Before starting off with the logo design we analyse the business and its guidelines properly. As this helps in getting an insight of the mind of the client. We also take inputs from our client too as we want to have a better understanding of their requirements. Proper research on their products and business types helps in designing the appropriate logo for the client. What are selling points of the clients, their target audiences is also what we search for. Sometimes clients search queries also play an essential role in getting traffic for the website. The customers feel more connected once they feel a sense of connectivity with any company. At brands n behind not only the clients we also do proper research on their competitors. As we know then how can we portray the business better than them.

Sketch it up

Once we create an outline of the company and its services we start sketching. Sketching always helps in creating an idea for any brand.

Adding Images and Visuals

Once a layout is being created for any company then we add on to the relevant images and creative visuals. The symbol of the logo and shape will start taking its place once the sketching part is done. Proper color combination which is not to dark not to light just perfect is added. We also consult our team for suggestions at this time. The reason is that brands n behind is full with creative minds thus inputs from such dynamic minds always helps.

Also before finalizing the concept of logo we also share it with our client on email so that they can also come to know about our work. At this point of time all the inputs are welcomed by the designers and necessary changes are being done. There is no bar for us when it comes to modifying the logo or iterating it a couple of times.

Suit it with theme

With suitable angles and themes we give the logo a final touch. Suitable plugins are also used for it. If any sort of digital stuff is required we use it as well. All the possible angles and ways are being searched at this point of time for the logo. Finally the logo is made and then it is processed for final touch. The logo designed by us are having quality and originality at the same time.

We  at brands n behind try to provide flexible design and ground breaking concepts to the client. We have expertise in developing logo designs for companies belonging to variable domains. At brands n behind our logos have worked both the sides of the coin. Firstly it has helped in enhancing brand value for newbies and on the other hand it has helped the pre-existing organizations in maintaining their reputation. As when it comes to business there is no point in taking any risks for it. One need to communicate what they are selling. Their values and morals should be properly shared with their clients. we take good care of all of these factors and with our dedication and hard work we have become one of the best logo design company in Chennai.