Jaya Max TV Channel Advertisement

Jaya Max Advertising Company in Chennai

Each Tamil channel has its strength and audience intact. As a matter of fact, Jaya Max is famous among every household in Chennai. The primary reason behind this popularity is that Jaya Max provides valuable content for people to every age group. Advertising on Jaya Max can help in building a brand name for your company. As watching tv and following a particular show has become a leisure for each household in India. We at brands n behind provide the best of services in advertisement and we are the best Jaya Max advertising agency in Chennai. The advertisement cost of advertising in Jaya Max vary from ads to ads. 

Which company can contact Jaya Max advertising agency in Chennai? 

After knowing about the advantages of branding in Jaya Max you must be wondering that whether your company is suitable for advertising in Jaya Max or not, then here is the answer to all your questions. The below mentioned companies can advertise in Jaya Max for sure:

  • Automobile companies can advertise for their new cars or products.
  • FMCG companies like Cadbury, surf excel comes under this category. Well its an open secret that how innovative their branding is and how huge their clientage is. 
  • Electronics this category will include mobile phones, kitchen appliances and home appliances etc. all the major brands of electronics fall under this category. 
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Cargo 

Thus you can observe on your own on how vast the network of Jaya Max, is how ever the cost of Jaya Max advertising vary from product to product and ad timings. Also a major factor which revolves around the advertising of Jaya Max is the daytime during which the ads are being broadcasted. 

For any type of Jaya Max advertising services assistance you can contact us anytime. Our executive will be at your service 24*7 with all the possible help they can do. 

Media options with Jaya Max Advertising Services at Brands n behind 

The major steps comes with the execution of Jaya Max advertising agency in order to promote your business. Most of the advertisement tend to fail when adequate advertisement is not done. 

We will describe about the details of Jaya Max advertisement one by one which will include the timings of the ads and cost of advertising in Jaya Max. 

ü First and foremost you need to find the apt media length, time band of the ad and its duration. The duration of the ad will include for how many days the ad will continue. 

For starting with us knowing we are the best Jaya Max advertisement agency in Chennai. you can either raise a ticket online or contact us on WhatsApp or call us at your convenience.

Once we get your desired information we will check which slot will suit you the best, and then we will let you know about the other privileges like cost of advertisement in Jaya Max and time of booking the ads etc. After that the art work is submitted and payment is done. 

However there are specific guidelines given for publishing advertisement in Jaya Max which is to be followed like the format of the video, resolution of the video, aspect ratio, frame rate, Audio sample rate, video bit rate and cost Jaya Max advertising. 

What determines the Cost of Advertising in Jaya Max

Many people wonder that what are the deciding factors of doing advertisement at Jaya Max. Well, the answer is very simple. The time of the day, length of the ad, volume of the campaign, time band. 

For many clients the Aston bands have also proved to be very successful advertising trick. It is basically a strip which shows the details of the brand, service or the product one needs to advertise featured right when the programme is being telecasted. The strip moves simultaneously on the screen. 

Why Choose Brands N Behind the Jaya Max Advertising Agency in Chennai? 

As Jaya Max is a long time tried and tested medium for solving the advertising needs of the clients. This channel has its own unique ways to telecast and advertise services to larger audiences. This is the reason why most of the companies have achieved their goal within a very short span of time. The Jaya Max advertising cost is also not too much which can bother any small scale businessmen. It is customized and available for people of all the categories and industry types.

Jaya Max advertisement Cost at Brands n Behind

Well as earlier mentioned the cost of advertisement at Jaya Max vary from time of the day to duration of the ad telecasted. Also, if the demand of Jaya Max goes higher then you may need to pay more in order to get your ad telecasted on regular basis. In many cases the repetition of ads also costs for more fees for advertisement at Jaya Max. We at brands n behind keep our guidelines and policies very clear so that no hassle comes our way of advertisement.