Brochure Design Company In Chennai

Brands n behind, design all types of brochures for several catalogs. We cover almost all the aspects of brochure design. Our services include brochure designing for product, company, real estate or any company brochure. Our clients for brochure design are diverse and we deal with almost all the pioneers of business in Chennai. We have a team of experienced and skilled people who understand it very well that how important it is for any organization to have a weighty and unique brochure. 

Why choose Brands N Behind for brochure designing services in Chennai?

The major benefit of working with us that at brands n behind you get the innovation and unique brochure designing and graphic designing services under one roof. Our clients come up to us with their ideas and input and our work is to make the ordinary into an extraordinary design. 

Our team at brands n behind work day in and day out to provide some of the best graphic designs and brochure design services in Chennai. We find the most suitable themes and combinations to make the brochure look attention-grabbing and unique. All the information about the organization as well as the people of the company along with their services comes in so handy just by our brochure designs. 

We have the following brochure services to provide to our clients:

e-brochure design at Brands n behind 

Nowadays all the businesses are almost running on an online basis. So to catch up to modern consumers who are active on online platforms 24*7 need to get something more like them. The E-brochure design at brands n behind helps in overcoming the same old traditional designs and helps the client to get more information on online tools rather than wasting time on printing it and then giving it to the clients. 

However, to make it more simple we can say that the E-brochure works precisely as the printed brochures work. The best part about them is that they can be distributed among the audience within no time. Secondly, they are time -saving as well as cost-effective as the time used to build them is the only time spent on them. The best part about the E-brochure design is that they are environment friendly they do not cause any harm to the environment as there is no need to cut trees for this advertisement. Using all of these techniques and mindfulness for the environment surely makes us the best brochure design service company in Chennai. 

Product Brochure Design At Brands n Behind 

The Product Brochure is also famously known as the marketing brochure design. They are either single or multiple folded papers that are efficiently used by the companies for branding their products or services. The brochures here are known as:

  • Single fold brochure
  • Bi-fold brochure
  • Triple or tri-fold brochure.

They are often termed as Pamphlets as well. It is the most traditional yet handy way to actually treat huge audiences. Sometimes the company keeps the marketing brochures at their company address and provides it once the client visits them for reference purposes. This mode of advertisement is used by various educational institutes as well so that they can tell students about their new courses or sessions. 

The only difference between a marketing brochure and a pamphlet is that the marketing brochure contains multiple folded papers and the pamphlet is single fold. 

Company Profile Design

This brochure design service at Chennai works wonderfully. The Company Profile Design is indeed the swiftest way to reach out to the potential customers. It is a compact way to explain to the clients about your company, your services, and the assistance that you provide. It is cost-effective too as it just includes the graphic designing cost and printing cost, no other cost is associated with it. The accessibility of your words increases with the help of company profile design brochures. 

Newsletter Design 

Newsletter designs, however, are similar to goldmines if they are done perfectly. Suppose some of your existing clients want to inquire and know about a new deal or service. Or on the other hand, you want to target some new potential clients with your deals and services. Then, on one go you can easily target both of them with the help of newsletter design. This brochure design service is based on email marketing as it is the fastest and cost-effective marketing mode. Also, this does not use much of the time as on one go we can target multiple audiences. We at brands n behind understand the value of newsletter design services hence we use email marketing for making it a long term revenue generator for our client. Thus, this makes us the best brochure design company in Chennai. 

Business card design 

The business card works as an identity for any businessman. As a matter of fact, it still is a symbol of professionalism. It creates an impression on the person about your persona and professional ethics. The first impression here indeed makes the last impression as the client understands that they are dedicated and are not an amateur. 

Letterhead design 

At brands n behind we also deal with the letterhead design. It works in two ways for the client. Firstly when the client sees the prescription or details of the company they understand that the company is full of experienced and skilled people. Secondly, the letterhead consists of all the contact details and addresses printed on it so that they can contact you latter too. All these things make an un removable impact on the subconscious mind of the client. 

We at brands n behind provide many such brochure design services to our clients which are innovative and nothing like obsolete. We have a team of people who considers innovation as the backbone of graphic designing and is available 24*7 at the service of our clients. Our previous clients have appreciated our work every time we have worked for them and we expect the same love and affection from our upcoming clients too.