Shopping Mall Advertising in Chennai

We all know the power of advertisement, this is a gateway through which buyers meet sellers and the business grows. Since its a major business-getting-route, most business owners and entrepreneurs are busy finding out a new and unique way to reach out to their customers’ and finally, that one way has been discovered- shopping mall advertisement in Chennai

To think about it, people visiting the shopping malls are already there to buy things. This especially goes out to the youth who are very particular about what they wear and what they eat. The primary idea for them is to be trendy. This attribute of the youth and the buyer persona, in general, can come into use if a brand is planning a new product launch. By taking up shopping mall advertisements in Chennai, a brand gets the chance to establish a closer link to the clientele.

Shopping mall advertisement in Chennai gives the brand a chance to focus on localized branding, where Standees and Banners can be used to grab the attention of the customers. For the benefits that it offers, shopping mall advertisement in Chennai can help in developing brand awareness, establishing new brands, and remind customers about the existing brands. So, if you are considering shopping mall advertisement in Chennai, it can indeed be lucrative for you.

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Advantage of Advertising in Chennai:

The world has become smaller, new technologies are coming up in the blink of an eye, competition is at its peak. Amidst all this, it’s important to come up with unique branding strategies that we provide to our clients at BrandsnBehind.

One such of our service is the shopping mall advertisement in Chennai. Mall advertisement is soon to turn into a new style of branding. Of the many advertisement platforms that we are working with today, mall advertisement is the most innovative, desired and viable medium.

Mall branding allows brands to interact with the customers at that very moment when they are in the mindset to buy. This provides a very lucrative window of opportunity as there remains a thick chance that the customers will buy the products or services being offered. In that light, there are quite a few advantages of shopping mall advertisement in Chennai, let’s take a look:

Path of purchase: Shopping malls are the most frequently visited place by the urban youth today. Additionally, families too prefer to go to shopping malls on a day of leisure since it houses a lot of services under one roof. Be it a movie hall, food court or general stores of window shopping, shopping malls provide it all. Statistically speaking, the average daily footfall in a shopping mall reaches up to a thousand daily, and even reaches to lacs on weekends. In that light, mall advertisement is a great way to reach out to the masses. In a way, shopping malls function in a very similar manner like televisions, radio, and webs. They draw all the audience to a common point where the brands can market their product or service effectively.

Ensured attention: As mentioned earlier, people visit malls for various reasons. No matter what the reason, people cannot remain unattached to the advertisements displayed in the malls. This means there is an almost negligible chance that the adverts placed in a mall might go unnoticed.

Branding and sale: Not only can the brand publicize its products and services under one roof, but they can also sell them in the same place! The buyer psychology comes into play here. While they might be attracted to the branding of a certain company, they might forget all about it as soon as they step out of the mall. By selling the products right in the premise of the mall, the brands can retain the attention of the customers before the actual sale is made.

Brand awareness and recall: How the branding is being done, plays a very important role. If the banners and standees are placed in high traffic areas in the mall for instance, near the main entrance or the food court, it’s most likely to get the maximum engagement. This plays a great role and enhances brand recall thereby generating brand awareness.

Hyperlocal promotion: Since a mall advertisement is location-specific, brands can use this advantage to target and attract the local crowd. This works great for brands which have their services in the locality. For instance, if a brand is planning to take up shopping mall advertisement in Chennai, it is going to work out better for the brand if it happens to have established offline stores in Chennai itself.

While these are a few of the benefits of shopping mall advertisement in Chennai, let’s look into the list of malls where we can help you and your brand stand out:

  • Spectrum Mall
  • Phoenix Marketcity
  • Express Avenue 
  • Ampa Skywalk 
  • The Forum Vijaya Mall 
  • Bergamo Luxury Mall
  • Spencer Plaza 
  • Ispahani Centre 
  • Chennai Citi Centre 
  • Grand Square
  • The Marina Mall
  • Alsa Mall
  • VR Chennai

At Brands N Behind we offer all sorts of branding services. Be it digital marketing, graphic designing, outdoor marketing, media advertisement or BTL advertisements we have got all that under one roof.

No matter whichever service a client picks, they are sure to reap the benefits of our thought after strategies, hard work, and consistent effort. All this and much more within their budget.

Since mall branding is one of the new and unique ways to reach out to the target audience, it is indeed something to look into for companies that are trying to make a major impact. However, the shopping mall advertisement rates in Chennai depend on a few factors. It banks on the area, the type of advertisement, and the period for the advertisement. However, if you want to reach out to a big clientele, to advertise to customers at the point of purchase, shopping mall advertisement is the way for you to go. So, without much further ado, get in touch with us. Let’s create something bigger and better.