Graphic Design Company in Chennai

Brands n behind are one of the best graphic design company in Chennai. we provide all the brand design services like logo design, shop branding, etc. We always aim at exploring the best and the most creative ways when it comes to graphic designing services in Chennai. 

We do a proper market search before designing any design for our clients as we always try to keep up with their competitors. At brands n behind, we understand that the uniqueness of the logo and graphics is something that distinguishes the brand from one another. Our team is comprised of one of the best executives who know their work very well and always make sure that the website of our client is running 24*7. Our executives at brands n behind are aware of the web accessibility guidelines and that is why they work accordingly. The graphic designing services in Chennai not only includes the website building but website maintenance as well. 

The basic goals in our graphic designing services at Chennai is divided into a few steps and we religiously follow them:

Expresses The Goals of Marketing    

The first and foremost step we inculcate during the graphic designing services at Chennai is that we first understand it from our client that what their services are all about. Afterward when we come to know about the gist of their purpose of marketing then we modify the website in such a way that it becomes like a virtual representative for their website. 


Well! Concept building is like the backbone of graphic design. A visual created by a graphic designer should be so appealing that it should be seen again and again. At brands n behind, we understand this and so we create designs for our clients specifically designed for their website. The visuals are unique and innovative. In our company, a single design undergoes so scrutiny before going for the final result. Thus, our dedication and hard work make us one of the best graphic designing services company in Chennai. How do we work on it:

  • We gather information from our clients.
  • Make a concrete look for it by processing it. 
  • We observe the errors and loopholes in the design and then correct it. 
  • Brainstorming as we find it as a mandate to discuss the suggestions from our team too. 
  • Re-implement the idea
  • Make a raw visual design
  • The final presentation. 
  • Refining the design again just to be sure. 

Image integration and Content Creation

The graphic designing services include the appropriate integration of images with well-written content. The proper image adds a remarkable perspective of graphic design. Our team at brands n behind work on both the aspects of image integration and content development as equal. The reason behind this is that image without content would appear a bit monotonous. On the other hand, only content would not be read by the audiences if it is not proper. 

Layout and Design

The layout design specifically depicts the arrangements of images, design, and style on the website page. A proper sequence and position is the basis of the success of any website. Even we would say that a good layout designs the pivot for a successful or failed graphic design. All of the big brands in the market did pay attention to layout and the results are in front of everyone. But, according to us it actually creates a slew for digital marketing strategies if the layout and design of the website are done on point. 

Production part

Although we are into online marketing services we also do offline marketing. When and where required we also use printed advertisements in order to get the maximum number of clients. These skills have worked with numerous clients of ours and we include production and support services in order to uplift the business of our clients. Our foresightedness and quick decision-making skills make us the best of a graphic designing service company in Chennai. 


Once we get any project on graphic designing services at Chennai we put our heart and soul into it. We try to gather maximum possible information about the client and their business. What they have done so far, it took how long for them to reach here and many of such questions are asked from the client once we get a new project. All these questions bring a win-win situation for both us and our clients as like this we understand what are their requirements and how we can be useful for them. As we know the technicalities of the work and we bring all of them together for our client. 

By getting all the above-mentioned information about any company we finally make a blueprint of what they want on their website. After that our team of skilled and experienced people start working on it. 

A proper theme and plugin combination goes hand in hand for any website. Suppose if it is a furniture website then the themes will be according to it or for instance if it is a digital marketing firm then things work another way around. a well-formed website also helps as a marketing and promotional material. Although it requires rigorous brainstorming and hours for hard work this what our quality is at brands n behind. Effective copywriting also acts as a boon for any website to give it a more professional look. 

As a matter of fact, these days 2D graphic designing services and 3D graphic designing services are in vogue in Chennai. We at brands n behind have expertise in it providing media services. So come join hands with us and give a new dimension to your business with the experienced and skilled team at brands a behind. We also work in document designing, professional designing, print media graphic designing and many such services like this. We have more than 2 years of expertise and within this time we have made a chain of happy clients who believe in us and have made undoubtedly a strong bond with us.