Chennai Railway Station Advertising in Chennai

Have you ever wondered why railway stations are filled with advertisements from top to end? Based on the research by Indian Railways, it’s estimated that on average 20,038 trains run on a day with around 22.20 million passengers. From the above statistics, you can conclude why Chennai Railway Station Advertising in Chennai is important for both governments as well as private companies. With the Chennai railway station advertisement, you can earn a huge number of consumers reach every day.

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railway station advertising
railway station advertising

Chennai Railway Station Advertisements and its placements

Railway stations are regarded as a huge canvas area where the advertisements are placed according to the category of audiences visiting the place. The advertisements can be placed in various locations based on the target audience and that includes,

#1- Inside Train- For earning undivided attention of the passengers, you can advertise inside the train and it’s regarded as one of the impactful ways of advertising your business. After getting into the train, the passenger might in a relaxed state and at the time he or she may be definitely subjected to the advertisement inside the train. You can advertise wisely in this area and covers a huge range of consumers traveling on the train.

#2- Train wrapping- We all know the fact that no one can miss the advertisement or any poster placed all over the surface of the train. Since train wrapping covers the entire length of the train, these advertisements will definitely grasp the maximum attention of the passenger.

#3- Chennai Railway platforms- Advertising your brand or product at Chennai railway platforms with the help of swipe screens, LED screens, kiosks, etc., will definitely get you a response! Additionally, you can also receive notices via banners, hoardings and life-size ads.