Traffic Barricade Advertising in Chennai

Without any surprise, we may all be familiar with the fact that Chennai is known for its traffic. The road length of Chennai is around 1800 kilometers and in which traffic booth barricades are installed here and there to control traffic across the city. By taking advantage of this, nowadays in the market product or brand advertisements are carried out via Barricade advertisements in Chennai. Of course, advertising via barricades is an efficient method of advertising since most people spend around 5 to 6 hours a day in Chennai traffic. Hence, advertising your brand via barricade advertising in Chennai seems beneficial!

Traffic booth advertising in Chennai is definitely an amazing opportunity for the business owners and local advertisers to reach out to the target consumers in the market for achieving better brand identity and sales promotion. Every business owner needs to stand out in the market with huge revenue return and if you are one among them, then choosing barricade advertising in Chennai will be an effective option for achieving your dreams. You can target a particular locality or region based on your audience category as well as a brand category with affordable advertising rates and costs.

The aim of branding is to achieve massive reach and everlasting impact! With no doubt, you can achieve it via barricade branding in Chennai. Just imagine scenarios in which you are riding a vehicle in urgency and while traveling you are having a traffic barricade in front of you. In such a scenario, definitely you need to slow down and you may have a look at the advertising contents published on that barricades which in turn may boost you to own that service or brand. Thus, these sudden breaks on the roads will have the maximum probability of grasping the target audience’s views.

Barricades are located at frequent intervals across the city and hence it gives the target audience a repeated exposure towards your brand which can effortlessly grab one’s attention towards your brand and develops an everlasting impression on their minds. For creating and designing eye-catching barricade advertisements in Chennai, an experienced barricade advertising agency in Chennai is required. Brands N Behind, a trustable barricade advertising agency in Chennai and it has the potential of improvising brand image and recognition among the consumers with its unique designs and creative brand message! Moreover, barricade advertising is like a magnetic power that will definitely drag the target audience towards your brand!


Features about Barricade advertising in Chennai

As mentioned earlier, barricade advertisements in Chennai are an impressive way of advertising that can be availed by all the business owners ranging from startups to big business organizations just by spending affordable barricade advertising rates and costs. Some of the interesting features about traffic booth barricade advertising in Chennai include,’

  • #1- you can make use of two sides of the barricade for publishing your advertisement. Ads can be published and displayed by using both sides of the barricades.
  • #2- Barricades can also be installed near traffic police booths and in highways for catching the passerby’s attention towards your brand.
  • #3- You can display your brand message to the consumers without any interruptions since the barricade ads duration is a lifetime. Unless or until it gets damaged, it can provide you uninterrupted services. The basic duration of a barricade is approximately around 5 to 6 years.
  • #4- Single frame barricades are highly preferred for this sort of advertising option and hence it’s recommended to use it while advertising.
  • #5- Double frames, as well as single-frame barricades, do come in the same size and hence the size doesn’t make any differences.
  • #6- Double frame barricades are preferred in case of the emergency situation whereas single frame barricades are used for general traffic purposes.
  • #7- In double frame barricades, it has multiple frames and in which the ads are displayed. Whereas a single frame barricade comprises a single frame and it’s been used for publishing the advertisement to the target audiences.
barricade advertising in chennai

Why advertise via Barricade advertising in Chennai?

As we all know the fact that, the individuals living in Chennai are spending more time on their automobiles. Approximately, based on the estimate it’s found that each individual is spending around 15 per week on their vehicles. Those individuals cannot skip traffic barricades lying on their way. People may enjoy the choice of skipping the advertisements broadcasted on radios or displayed via televisions, but they can’t escape from having a look at the traffic barricades lying in front of them. Additionally, publishing ads on television or radio may cost much more than advertising via barricades in Chennai. Traffic barricades are constantly working throughout the day without any sort of interruptions. Interestingly, people will be exposed to traffic barricade advertisements repeatedly since they are placed at frequent intervals across the entire city.

#1- Geographical Targeting- Advertisers can enjoy the benefit of promoting their brand on their target location with no sort of difficulty in barricade advertisements in Chennai. Business owners can strategically place their brand advertisements on the locations with a maximum target audience population.

#2- Massive outreach- Effortlessly, the maximum number of consumers can be covered via barricade ads since every day a huge number of vehicles are navigating from one location to the other.

#3- High recall rates- Placement of barricades at regular intervals across the city gives the opportunity for business owners to register their product brand messages in their consumer’s minds. Hence, the advertiser may enjoy a high recall rate and huge revenue returns.

#4- Barricade advertisements in Chennai are visually unavoidable unlike other advertising options in the market.

Why Brands N Behind for barricade advertising in Chennai?

Brands N Behind, an efficient barricade advertising agency in Chennai and it provides interesting benefits and attractive services to all its clients. We can develop innovative advertising content with colorful designs for achieving extraordinary results beyond your expectations. We also assist all our clients in the placements locations for earning better brand identity and massive outreach across the city. Advertisements are designed and placed according to the advertiser’s preference and we offer special packages and affordable barricade advertising ad rates and costs to them in the market. Contact us immediately for promoting your brand!