About Us

We will partner with you to foster business growth – not just growth in rankings & traffic, but growth in leads & sales! We will consult & implement your entire digital strategy from re-designing your website to SEO services to content marketing to PPC campaigns to conversion optimization to deliver growth!.

We value Work Ethics & Environment as it helps in creating a Creative Thinktank

Why Choose Brands n Behind For All Sorts of Advertising Services  Specialized Skills and Experience 

We are not merely a group of amateurs who want to make it big in the market. But, we are a team of diversified and skilled people who are passionate yet knowledgeable. We work in all the aspects to perform better with each of our clients. We use various digital marketing and advertising services every day for our projects. Our previous projects have uplifted businesses tremendously and have given us a great track record. This is the reason why our clients trust us and the result to it is that we have more than 100+ projects with us.

Better Communication

We believe in taking inputs from our clients as well. We understand the value of our client’s hard-earned money. In order to stay true to our work and clients, we always take an insight into what both want from us. We heard of many such cases from our clients that many companies neither take any input nor provide any report to their customers. At brands n behind, we provide the report of the project after every two weeks and also provide analytics so that the clients can get through with the progress of the project. 


Finding suitable opportunities 

At brands n behind, we believe that honesty is still the best policy. This is what has made us one of the best advertising services provides in Chennai. We don’t make hoax of false things which seems as they are working for you but indeed they are not. On the other, if we feel that our strategy failing to comprehend our client’s purposes then we swiftly move to other planning so that our client does not face any troubles. This differentiates us from the rest of the advertising and digital marketing companies and makes us the most trusted and best advertising company in Chennai. 


Inexpensive Services

At brands n behind, we will surely offer your prices which other companies might not offer to our clients in the same price range. Although initially, many firms do provide eye-catching prices but later on impose hidden charges on the clients. We do not do any this like this, our services are affordable. Over the years of experience that we have, we sturdily believe that transparency is the key to longevity.


No Hidden Contracts 

Many a time it has been observed in the past that companies have certain hidden contracts or they ask for partnership later on. However, we do ask our clients to give us some time to show our magic. We don’t ask for partnerships or raised prices when the project gets accomplished. 



We are very well versed with the fact that during the time we work on any of the projects with our client. We get to know many of the exclusive details about their company. Based on our policies and terms voluntarily do not choose to work any of the competitors of our clients at that moment. Even on a slight chance of dispute we always prefer to have a word with our client. So that none of our and our client’s reputation gets on stake. We work on the norms of GDPR. 


Unidirectional Approach 

We are a team of like-minded people who are generally on the same page when it comes to working. We understand the dynamics of the internet and digital marketing. Thus, we change our approach with time. Many people are skilled in some other aspect but due to revenue enhances they switch to multiple approaches. We implement approaches based on the requirement of our client. Some websites may work just with SEO, on the other hand, some might require PPC services. So, the techniques might differ but our single-minded focus lies in getting more and more traffic on your website. 


Assurance of Timely Completion 

Building a long-term relationship is our motto. We don’t pick a new project if we are already overburdened. Whatever project we do, we complete it with full dedication and compassion. We respect the fact that time is money and we stand by it. We commit ourselves to the services of our clients and ensure that their assigned project will be completed within the given deadlines in order to work with them again in the future. 


Easily Accessible

At brands n behind our executives are quickly accessible to our clients. whenever any client wishes to talk to us they just need to fill-up the form on our website and we will assist them in the next 24 hours or soonest possible. The mode of communication is online so no need to rush to us for having meetings and conversations. Just sit back and scroll through our services and make the best use of your time and money.


Every Project is a Dream Project 

No matter if we get hired for a large scale project or a start-up project we work with the same zeal and dedication towards our clients. Satisfaction and trust are what we want to gain from our clients for a long period of time . If they love our work then we love our job. Whenever we accomplish any project we want to deliver the maximum possible results so that our clients can come back to us.