FM Radio Advertising in Chennai

Chennai is the Capital City of Tamil Nadu, a city well-known for contributing to the wealth, culture and education of the country. Chennai is more like a home for the huge number of radio networks.

The Chennai citizens are more involved in radio-subculture and are listeners of various English, Tamil and Hindi radio channels as per their accessibility. In Chennai, popular radio channels like Radio City, Radio Mirchi, Chennai Live, Aahaa FM, Rainbow, Prasar Bharathi, Vividh Bharati, Hello FM, and Red FM Suryan enjoy great listeners. There are so many interesting options do exist in the market for a radio ad campaign, and you can start your own ad campaign now at Brands N Behind, top FM radio ad agency in Chennai!

Since Chennai is the biggest economic, education and cultural center in South Asia, and the FM radio advertising in Chennai seems to be the preferred option for almost all people. In Chennai, the majority of people speak Tamil and the probability of listening to local music is much higher and hence advertising your business on FM channels broadcasting local music seems to be the best option. Additionally, for targeting the migrated population in Chennai advertising in national FM channels seems effective. Nine popular FM channels are there in Chennai which are well-known for broadcasting local information, music, and updates in various languages like Tamil, Hindi, and English. Also, the city has Vividh Bharati and All India Radio. Based on the number of listeners, each and every station has its own number audience list. FM advertising Ad rates are decided by the listener capacity and it will be varied for each and every station!

Various Advertising options on FM channels of Chennai

  • #1- FCT- Free Commercial Time is actually the basic form of advertising and it has fixed time slots for advertising your business advertisements. Based on the time slots, it’s been classified as,
  • Prime Time- The morning time from 7 AM to 11 AM and evening time slot from 5 PM to 10 PM is regarded as the prime time.
  • Non-Prime Time- Likewise, the time slot from the afternoon 11 AM to 5 PM is regarded as the Non-prime time.
  • ROS- In ROS, the advertisement of your business will be placed where it seems suitable during the entire daytime.
  • RODP- While in RODP, the entire day will be divided into even time slots in the afternoon, morning and evening drives.

Alternative days- Your business ad can be broadcasted in alternative days or in weekends or just by skipping two days in-between.

  • Multiple Insertions- For your advertisement, to make it even catchier, there can be more than one audio insertion in your ad.
  • #2- Sponsorship Tags- By associating a business with the radio channel events via sponsorship helps in improvising the brand identity.
  • #3- RJ Mentions- Advertising via RJ is another interesting option and in which the RJ of any radio channel speaks about your brand for around 30-45 seconds.
  • #4- Roadblock– Ad campaign may run a across particular radio channel in the roadblock.
  • #5- Radio Interview- It’s an Interactive session in which the interviewer allows the business owner to express his opinions and facts about his product/service so that the audience can build an opinion about your brand.
  • #6- RJ Visit- In this, a team of RJ’s used to visit the advertiser’s business location in order to promote identity.
  • #7- Contests– For attracting more number of listeners, the best innovative approach is contests. Organizing radio contests will fetch you more number of listeners.
  • #8- Digital Promotion– As we all know, almost all the well-known RJ’s will have social media fan followers and hence on their social media profiles they can promote your brands.

Procedure to Follow

For FM radio advertising in Chennai, just follow the below procedure,

  1. Convey Your Needs- Have a meet with our executors and professionals, and share all your needs and requirements for FM radio advertising in Chennai.
  2. Plan with us- We will provide you complete assistance and guidance in deciding the ad format, radio stations, campaign duration, audience reach and frequency of ads for enjoying a successful ad campaign on-air.
  3.  Receive Best ad Rates offer- We will offer you the best services for radio channels across Chennai with the lowest ad rates.
  4. Audio Creativity- Based on your preference, you can build your own audio creativity by joining our team, in order to enhance your brand’s creativity and identity.
  5. Go Live- Once everything is done, you can see your brand on-air and get the maximum number of responses for your brand.

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Why advertise your business in FM Radio Advertising in Chennai?

We all know that almost all people in Chennai love to spend their leisure time by listening to music on radios. Hence, Radio provides an ample possibility for the business owners to convey information to all the target audiences. A Perfect arena to convey your brand features and services to the audience for promoting your business is advertising your business via Radio advertising. Additionally, the cost of advertising your business on FM radio advertising in Chennai is reasonable and you can achieve sales promotion to a great extent!

Brands N Behind is the prominent FM radio advertising agency in Chennai and it helps various business organizations in Chennai to produce, plan and execute radio ad campaigns effectively. Brands N Behind negotiates FM radio advertising rates in Chennai and offers you with best deals and services. You can avail various interesting services in Brands N Behind like,

#1- Media Planning– For customizing your ad, we offer the bounteous number of tools and services and assist in generating desired results. We help you in planning and buy suitable radio advertising slots in FM stations in Chennai for fulfilling your objective.

#2- Innovative Development- For bringing wonders to your brand, we work on radio advertisement jingles. Our level of innovation will improvise your brand recall value and increases sales volume.

We have served thousands of customers and assisted them in improving their brand identity via FM radio advertising in Chennai. We are one of the top authorized FM radio advertising agency in Chennai. For all businesses, publicity is the main concern and we are here to help you in achieving that!

Just follow us, for improvising your sales volume and brand identity!