Our Team

An imaginative strategist with expertise in marketing and advertising. His passion for communicating and understanding business management landed him in this position. He kept the foundation of this business in the year 2019 with more than 12 years of experience in marketing and advertisements. In the very beginning when he started he hardly knew about strategy, planning, and consumers. Gradually he learned the art of marketing and management with years of hard work and dedication. In actual terms, advertisement and marketing happened by accident and sooner he realized that he belongs to this place. His dedication, honesty, and hard work for his business nurture the ideas and confidence of his teammates as well. He has worked with some of the leading agencies in Chennai in such a short span of time. As a matter of fact, he has successfully been a part of several Indian as well as foreign brand campaigns. One of the qualities that distinguish him from others is that he believes in appreciation and providing the chunk of pie his teammates deserve to get. The teammates of brands n behind are not just a part of the team but future partners. The hunger to learn more and more boosts them up to be more creative and hard working. He aims to be the best advertising and digital marketing solution provider for many more years to come. 

Key Specializations 

He has expertise in Marketing, Digital Marketing, ROI analysis, creativity development, marketing research analyst. He has also worked as a Marketing specialist in developing new and innovative marketing designs and techniques. He knows the art of communication and this is what enhances his brand worth in the market. Just by minimum interaction he gets the pulse of the client and provides the exact demand and supplies with all possible communication methods. Marketing and advertising are dynamic and requires timely check thus, by developing innovative marketing techniques, implementing them in driving business and tracking their success is part of his work. 

Yuvi – Manager Team Lead

A post-graduate in Commerce who deals with customer relationships. She is an integral part of the company who has 5 years of experience in the advertising field. Communication is a vital part of any company as you put it. Her major work field includes building cohesive relations with the clients. She ensures that the clients, as well as the company, adhere to the terms and conditions. Values and work ethics come first for her She is the first person who rushes for finding the solutions to all the problems and issues of the clients. She has a strong understanding of how proper brands can capitalize on correct avenues. 

Suresh- Sales

Karthik came to the brands n behind a team with an MBA degree with a major in marketing. His role is focused on finding the potential clients for the team and supporting the other teams at brands n behind. He works with the account management team, manages the client’s project whether local or global and does site re-developments. To date, Karthik has worked on more than 100+ projects with absolute dedication and hard work. He always mentions that his path towards digital marketing has always been through a series of certain unlikely events. He takes pride in managing his several roles in the organization.

Our Efficiencies 

Although our efficiencies lie in the hand of our team as we are always on the same page most of the time. 

Efficiency To Read the Audiences 

Targeted traffic is a skill and should be used often. This technique never goes out of vogue. Good traffic drags all possible clients on your website. This method is utilized by reading the search techniques of the clients. many a time some clients cannot see the services and commodities just because it is not advertised properly. This technique helps in making your product and brand reach out to the targeted audiences. 

Efficient Social Selling

With the increase in social media, the clients are more informed and aware of brands than ever before. We have a team that understands how to connect with the clients online and sell the commodity. Just the right help at the right time and your business are good to go. Meaningful and eye-catching content is desired by all of us. These are the techniques that will enhance the conversion rates for sure. 

Surging ROI 

Business needs an upsurge in revenue as every businessman wants more returns and less input. The ROI is a great parameter to evaluate the profits made. Our first and foremost step for it is that we make a map of how we need to perform to lift a business. Firstly we just figure out a business, then secondly sales patterns and sales requirements are estimated. Thirdly, what kind of digital marketing and advertising campaign will suit your business is estimated. The Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used for this purpose. We believe there is always a place and scope of betterment so we work accordingly after getting the stats of progress.

Brand Awareness 

Email marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing are some of the simplest and cheapest ways to spread the word of marketing and advertising without burning a hole in your pocket . With the apt usage of keywords and SEO techniques, you can easily attract your targeted audiences. With the help of various email marketing tools, we help our clients to get the desired traffic on their websites. We have experienced and skilled writers for this purpose who can create magical content suitable for websites. Social media marketing through organic posts or pay per click ads can help in getting traffic. It also helps in sorting out the positive clients from the junk leads which unnecessarily block the traffic.