Bus advertising in Chennai

Enhance your brand visibility through hyper-local advertising.

Get a guaranteed outreach at an affordable cost. You can choose the advertising based on area, size and longevity. Our bus advertising technique is designed to market to the customers in a precise, easy and direct way and also in a format which is easy to understand. Our aim is to target every customer in the eyesight so that they can get to know your product vehemently. Advertising through buses motivates the viewers to take action where they can further outreach your brand through call-to-action. Get the best of bus branding in Chennai through us.

Bus Advertising in Chennai

The bus advertising in Chennai is commonly done in the MTC buses of Chennai. The ads are stuck or placed on each side of the bus so that the details of the product can be shown. We at brands n behind provide bus advertising services in Chennai at the most genuine rates. We have various packages available depending on the need of our clients. Our package begins from 30 days to 90 days. As these public transport buses all through the cities so the advertisements can be visualized by a large lot of people. 

Get Your Brand Awareness on the GO
  • Enhance interaction with your customer
  • Get a blanket of coverage in your primary area
  • Get visually unavoidable brand marketing
  • Get a mobile billboard advertising
  • Make your brand’s message visible effectively

Why choose Bus Panel Advertising in Chennai? 

However, there are various modes and methods for doing advertisements for a product or service. Then, the question arises about why to choose MTC bus advertising services in Chennai. The answer is very simple and clear. The buses move every day in all the nook and corner of the city. Thus, it provides more coverage than any other advertising services in Chennai. We at brands n behind provide all the types of bus advertising services in Chennai. The below-mentioned points will sum-up why one should prefer bus panel advertising services over any other advertising services.

  1. High-Visibility: An advertisement that has high-reach towards the people gives more accessibility towards getting the potential clients. just imagine someone wants exactly the same service as you are providing then this bus panel advertising can be a golden opportunity for you. More than 45% of the population uses public transport in Chennai thus bus advertising services in Chennai can prove to be a boon for your company. 
  2. Lesser Uptime: with just printing the advertisement your services are almost out there speaking volumes for your services. 
  3. Cost-effective: any other medium for advertising requires regular up-gradation which indirectly means spending money by time and again. On contrary to this the bus advertising services at Chennai, are comparatively cost-effective and easy to get. There are various places on the bus like the driver-seat back panel where the people sitting inside the bus can go through your advertisement. 
  4. Variable audience: bus panel advertisement in Chennai will cover all the audiences whether potential or not. The advertisement will be open to all and who knows which client might convert from junk to potential just by knowing more about your services. They will contact you more confidently. This will enhance the market credibility. 
  5. Powerful to Local Audience: if your business is failing to target the local audience completely then bus panel advertisement can be quite a treat for you. As by this method, the local audience will come to know about your products and services. This will certainly help in booming the business to a higher notch than other advertising services in Chennai. 

You can also target the local audience with the local language so that can connect with your thoughts and ideas a little better. The bus panel advertising in Chennai is not a new mode of advertisement however it has persisted for a very long time. In this mode of advertisement, the buses work as a very efficient medium to deliver information regarding the product and services. The information about the services and information reaches conveniently to each and every part of the city. 

The boards are present inside as well as outside of the bus which can either be of the traditional size or can be customized too. These advertisements can be made with uniqueness and innovation by our valuable and enthusiastic team. The advertisements which are placed inside the bus are generally attached to the roof overhead area so that the person does not has to stretch too much for looking at it. because if this happens usually the person loses interest in the advertisement. On the other hand, when it comes to promoting the advertisements outside of the bus some boards have to be fitted on the bus. The purpose of using these boards is for the people who are standing out of the bus while walking by they can go through the advertisements. As a matter of fact, the bus advertising services in Chennai are indeed the least demanding and cost-effective methods for sharing the information regarding the products and services of an organization to its targeted audiences. The best plus point about bus panel advertisement in Chennai is that these buses move at almost all the zones of the city so it does the unmistakable advertisement of your services. 

The best aspect of bus advertising services at Chennai is that with just using the minimal efforts in advertising we can incredible results as well as the permeability of the clients. It also has been observed in several cases that this mode of the advertisement has undoubtedly made an unsurpassed impression towards passing the information of any brand or services of the company. This advertisement suits every kind of business whether small scale or large business. People who want to invest less yet want to get higher ROI can surely choose this mode of advertisement. 

We at brands n behind designing the advertisement boards for our clients most innovatively and uniquely that even the slightest of a glimpse of the advertisement can catch the attention of several clients. there are new ideas and concepts implemented in the advertisements that are being made in our organization. 

Well if you are wondering how to contact us then just call us or WhatsApp us and send your quotation. Our executives will surely get back to you within 24 hours. There is a protocol for each and every project, where we first try to understand what our requirements of the clients are. Then we take possible inputs from them as it helps us in getting an insight into the business very well. The advertisements made at brands n behind regarding bus advertisements is remarkable and unique in their ways. Just go ahead and discuss with us what you want from us regarding bus panel advertising services in Chennai. we are sure we can help you in every possible way. 

Our Bus Advertising Services

  1. Bus Back Panel Advertising:

We are proficient in providing mobile bus advertising in Chennai to our customers. Our hoardings are attractive and eye-catching that can grab anyone’s attention. Through bus back panel advertising, we can catch the attention of a large number of people. Through this, a running banner can help advertise your brand’s services.Since buses travel to local areas and outer areas of the city, the advertising is spanned out to a larger audience. Our bus back panel branding in Chennai helps you target valuable customers effectively. We also customize the banners creatively and uniquely and also according to your brand’s requirements.

  1. Bus Side Pannel

Bus side panel advertising is an effective one since the visibility of the brand in busses is higher. Through the bus side panel advertising, there is a strong mileage for your brand’s product visibility. Through this low-cost advertising outdoor, there is the highest possible outreach of your brand. Through MTC bus advertising in Chennai, specific demographics can be targeted which is based on the delivery exposure and route.

The bus side panel advertisement can also use the latest technology by including the QR code in order to push up the promotion of the product. Get the best of bus advertising through the side panel.

  1. Bus Driver Back Seat

Through bus driver back seat advertising, you can get colourful and innovative designs which can draw vehement attention of the commuters where this is one type of offline advertisement which the viewers cannot switch off. When you opt for an advertisement inside the busses, the advertisement will be vehemently visible to commuters who are travelling using the city busses.

Bus branding is one of the best options since you can deliver your brand’s message to extensive customers at a very minimal cost. Through the bus brand, you can inform people about discounts, exciting offers and much more.  Get your advertisement on the road with our unique advertisement designs.

Why Bus Ads in Chennai?

Chennai is a bustling city with a hefty population. It is for this reason that the demand for public transport is high which is further fulfilled with busses. Through bus ads in Chennai, you can build brand awareness and target the masses vehemently. Bus branding in Chennai is being done by many B2C brands where it is the best geo-targeting for reaching a wider audience of all ages, incomes and backgrounds.

With buses, you can not only reach out to many upscale customers but also to a large variety of customers with the help of advertising through exterior signs. Get your advertising game strong with bus advertising in Chennai.

  • We work with a robust commitment
  • The quality of our bus banner is par excellence
  • With our reasonable price for advertisement, you can be ensured that your Ad is running effectively

Why Bus Advertising With Us?

We are the best bus advertising company in Chennai where we offer commendable services when it comes to bus advertisement. Be it audience coverage or quality or creativity of the banner, we offer the best service at a lower price. We have years of experience in bus branding in Chennai where your offline marketing prospects can reach out to wider customers by leaps and bounds.

With the size and mobility of the busses, we help you reach hundreds of potential customers on a daily basis. With our quality and creative hoardings, the viewers can never miss an attractive bus advertisement.

Can’t wait to market your product with bus advertisement? Check the Complete bus route list with bus number so that you can reach out to your target audience effectively.  Click on below to download the info.


The minimum duration of the campaign is 1 month

Yes. The rights of bus advertising are granted by the RTO department of State government to the Ad Agencies.

Ads will be re-printed and mounted. The costs of it will be further borne by the client.

Yes. The average time of commute for the working class is not less than one hour which makes it obviou

The permission for complete bus wrap advertising differs from state to state.