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Brands n behind is an insight-driven media advertising company in Chennai. We are working since 2017 in this field and have covered all the major and minor aspects of media advertising services in Chennai. In this span of time, we have worked with all the major companies in south India. We are strongly dedicated to bringing the capitalization of data, media advertisement, and adopting new technology to bring the best of innovation. 

Why Choose us for Media Advertising Services in Chennai?

The media advertising company in Chennai is a misnomer. The media advertising services in Chennai are not just about the services and availabilities. Media advertising, on the other hand, includes all the major aspects as well. The areas of media advertising services in Chennai include delivering the brand knowledge to the clients, giving adequate customer information, and providing information to the customer as well. You can say that at brands n behind we are a bunch of creative people who believe in building strong brand names. We love to transcribe each and every project that we get with a pinch of uniqueness and innovation. By utilizing our uniqueness we not only make the brand go live but also contribute to making a brand image for it forever. The media advertising consists of various branches which empower it to a great extent.

How to use a TV advertisement in Chennai? 

The tv advertisement services in Chennai have proved to be a boon in several businesses. The tariff of tv advertisements in Chennai varies from channel to channel. On average the cost for tv advertisement in Chennai relies between 10 seconds to 30 seconds. However, on the basis of factors like length of advertisement, the time slot of the advertisement creates a direct impact on the tariff of tv advertisements in Chennai. Businessmen often wonder what will be the tariff of the tv advertisement on an average. We have got the answer for you 200rs is the average cost for 10 seconds of advertisement. After that duration of time, you can surely make the maximum limit of the ad for 30 seconds or more. But with each passing second, you will need to pay more. However, this does not mean that a big ad will create a big impact. At brands n behind, we pay attention to spending on creativity rather than spending your hard-earned money. The tariff of an advertisement on television might also vary from channel to channel. So, always keep in mind which audience you might want to target. As regional channels have their ads and national television channels have their targets. 

FM Advertising in Chennai

The next good alternative is to do an FM advertisement in Chennai. Like TV advertisement the FM advertisement also provides a great platform for people who are looking to advertise their business, in front of their loyal and potential clients for creating brand awareness for their product and services. The tariff of FM advertisement in Chennai also functions in the same manner where a certain time duration calls for a certain amount of money. The prime time on FM advertisement brings in more cost of the advertisement in a radio advertisement. Every company needs a proper advisor when it comes to choosing the best advertising platform. 


Multiple rates for multiple ads are provided to the businessmen, like for all the three slots in radio like prime time, entire day and non-prime time will depend on the varieties and repetition of the advertisement. If the advertisements are made catchy and interesting they can instinctually catch the attention of the client like never before. Also, one should not forget to keep the service taxes in mind


Tariff of Newspaper Advertising in Chennai 

Newspapers have always been the best friends of people for very long. People prefer reading the newspapers with their morning tea and come to know about the daily updates of what’s happening in their city and world. Thus, it can be said that newspaper advertisements can prove to be helpful for any business. The newspapers also provide social media advertisements too. One can easily select the banner which they want to publish. The advertisement tariff in newspapers depends upon the ad and the space that it takes in the section. We brand n behind being the best newspaper advertising agency in Chennai will take the complete responsibility of proposing your quote of the ad and advertisement related activities. 

Magazine Advertising in Chennai 

The magazine advertising can be done with full efficacy, they function for both local as well as national printers. At brands n behind, we make apt content with creative images to make your ad look to the point. We provide the best magazine services and timely delivery of the project. We implement the cutting edge technologies to bring out the best magazine advertising services. The cost of magazine advertising in Chennai depends on the version of the magazine. We are the best magazine advertising agency in Chennai. as a matter of fact, we provide our clients with the schemes of monthly or weekly magazine options, so they can choose the best of schemes for themselves. 


Thus, if you are looking for the best of the media advertising agency in Chennai. then brands n behind are ready for your service. We will provide all the cutting-edge techniques for the prosperity and development of your business. Using these techniques will help to brig brand loyalty for your company. 

Many of the companies have managed to get high search rankings because of the efficient media advertising services of brands ad behind. 

How to Contact Us:  Media Advertising Company

Whenever there comes a dilemma of which media advertising service to use. You can always think of us as your advisor and contact us. You can contact us through mail or on WhatsApp whatever suits you. our executive will get back to you within the next 24 hours. We will firstly go through your business model and then think about which type of media advertising will suit your business the best.