Instagram Advertising in Chennai

One of the best marketing strategies includes Instagram Advertising in Chennai. It works in both the ways for the pre-existing businessmen it works as a great mode for expanding their credibility. Alternatively, it works for entrepreneurs for boosting up their customer base

We can also call Instagram marketing strategy as a pure reach strategy. Due to its instant stories or business products, Instagram has surely helped many of the business over the years. These stories and updates go viral instantaneously. At brands n behind we also work according to vogue by which we have become the best of Instagram Advertising in Chennai. Due to its wondrous results, Instagram advertising has gained immense popularity even in a very short span of time. below mentioned are some of its key features why it has become the most favorite child of B2C marketing worldwide.  

  • With an average of 2 million monthly users, Instagram has successfully managed to become on the most acknowledge social media marketing platform across the globe. 
  • More than 25 million active profiles are been made on Instagram and the number is still rising every day. 
  • The number of business run with the help of Instagram are also increasing. More and more businessmen are switching towards Instagram to keep their customers updated about their new services and products.
  • The brands promote their products and services with the help of photos, gifs, videos and also by conducting interesting competitions once in a while.
  • At an average, almost 50% of the Instagram users are using at least 2 or 3 business Instagram account. 
  • According to a report, more than 70% of the people on Instagram gain knowledge about any firm or product via Instagram stories or pages. 

How will Instagram Advertising in Chennai work for your business? 

At Brands N Behind, after research and survey have found out that people and their searching patterns are dynamic. The query search patterns are changing very frequently thus, it is important for the business owners to change their selling pattern. People scroll through their Instagram feed religiously and believe in whatever little information. At brands n behind our job is to omit all the wrong information about a brand or organization and fill it with apt information. This strategy helps in changing the mindset of people for sure. 

We publish short-lived offers on the profile of our clients. For instance, offers like “Grab Today” or Sale For Just A Day which instantaneously grabs the attention of the clients. 

By advertising for the public we can come to know who is viewing our deals and which of the customer can become the potential lead for our client. Thus after analyzing it we make contact with the lead and try to avail the services to them. 

The prices are negotiable and can be tailored according to the budget of our client. As we know not all clients are the same so their budget also differs. 

At brands n behind as the best Instagram Advertising in Chennai, we also get in touch with several influencers who are famous and heard by many. So upon telling our services we ask them to spread our word as the influencers have a great impact on people and their mindset. 

This was all about strategy and planning. But at brands n behind we also do a survey on our work by analyzing which planning has worked for our client and which has failed. The result analysis and report is one of the major prospects of our working great mode. We never waste our as well our client’s precious time on useless tricks and tactics. 

Various Instagram ads are also available for Instagram Advertising in Chennai which works greatly for B2B and B2C advertisements. However, there are innumerable tactics and strategies for social media marketing but using Instagram is the most suited platform for users. With the help of Instagram ads, stories, and consistent post many of the businesses have been benefitted immensely. We have success stories of our clients too who have reached maximum growth with the help of Instagram Advertising in Chennai. Instagram has helped not only the local clients of brands n behind but also our global clients.