Auto Advertising in Chennai

Enhance your brand visibility through hyper-local advertising!

Auto Advertising in Chennai sees an enormous hype in the industry due to its quicker reach across the nook and corner of the city and for its higher ability to be localized. Auto rickshaw advertising is becoming the most preferred outdoor advertising medium that is efficiently executed and delivered at an affordable rate. The cost per unique impressions noted for Auto Rickshaw is less when compared to other media.

Auto Advertising Company in Chennai

Auto advertising is one of the most convenient ways of boosting sales. As the majority of the population travels in auto rather than in any other public transport in Chennai. This advertising takes your ads to every nook and corner of the city people from diversified categories get to see your product and services advertisement. As a matter of fact, auto advertising can reach those places in the city too where the other modes of transportation do not reach. At brands n behind, we do multiple types of auto branding in Chennai. 

Thus, brands n behind is a stop shop for resolving all the auto advertising services company in Chennai. We provide the below-mentioned services:

  • Auto Sticker Advertisement in Chennai
  • Auto Full Hood Advertisement in Chennai
  • Auto Back Panel Advertisement in Chennai
  • Auto Meter Cover Advertisement in Chennai

Thus, brands n behind is a stop shop for resolving all the auto advertising services company in Chennai

Auto advertising in chennai

Thus this is clear that where ever the auto goes your branding is also being done. Well, it’s not a surprise that this model of the advertisement has proved to be boon for several local companies in the Chennai area. As the clients get to know about the company all by themselves. The advertisement made at brands n behind is so unique and innovative that it will instantly grab the attention of the client’s to them. It will help in getting your potential clients to you sooner. 

We suggest that auto advertising in Chennai is the best in outdoor advertising mode. This mode of advertisement is so famous that even famous tv serials advertise in order to tell people about the timings and channels of the serial. As it makes a low cost per impression. For instance, on average every auto runs for 10 hours a day and a minimum for 100 km. Here we have jotted down the best features of doing auto advertisement in Chennai.

  • Online services: if you are looking for auto advertisement service providers in Chennai. Then brands n behind are the one-stop destination for you. If you can’t make it up to our office then surely we will still assist you. Just give us a call and we will assist you online. our executives will have a word with you and your services then after knowing it all about then, we will start preparing and executing your campaign. Also, it is not like that we do false promises. We will show real-time proof that your work is done. 
  • Guaranteed Location: we ensure and assure you that your business advertisement is going on well. We provide tamperproof geotagged images so that your potential and targeted audience can go through the auto advertising in Chennai. 
  • Visual Proof:we at brands n behind will provide visual proof of executing the campaign well and efficiently. The campaigns differ from the type of advertisement. It ranges from 90rs to 625rs. 
  • Detailed advertisement:we will take care of each detail about your company and branding. Also the details of the auto which will be used for your branding. We will provide you with the details of the auto driver’s name and contact details. 
  • Access to all:when we create the advertisement it is not that only we have controls over it and we do not show anything to our client. We keep them updated about the work is done and then move forward with the work. 

Our Auto Rickshaw Branding Services at Chennai

Back panel advertising: 

Among various types of auto panel advertising, small back panel advertising is a highly effective and affordable option. When considering the small back panel advertising, the advertisements are placed in the upper portion of the auto in a smaller size. Small back panel advertising is perfect for promoting any single product. The size of this auto small back panel advertising ranges with 24 inches in width and 8 inches in height.

Businesses can also makes use of strip advertisements that will be placed on the backside of the auto. The advertisement size range can be 84 inches in width and 22 inches in height. The service package is negotiable, and customization of quantities, routes, and durations is possible as per the client’s expectations.

Full auto advertising: 

In this type of advertising, the advertisement is covered in the entire auto. The ad is printed on body wrap. The announcements will be published across the two sides of the side panels, one top panel as well as the back panels. Timely execution, flexibility, and on-time delivery is our motto.

Why Auto Advertising in Chennai?

Auto advertising in Chennai is a pioneer transit media when compared to other forms of advertisers. Auto rickshaw advertising is the colloquial term used for auto advertising in Chennai. The number of autos in Chennai for advertisement purpose is about 1,35,000.

Your brand reaches the respective targeted audiences at the lowest rate when compared to other transit advertising mediums. If you are the one who is looking for similar advertising, we are here to help your brand reach your targeted audience at a faster rate.

Our execution process:

We follow an effective method that shows our uniqueness and reliability among other advertisers. Here is how you should get started with us.

  • You can contact our executors or planners to share your requirements for the auto advertising campaign.
  • Our executors will help you in choosing the number of autos, what are the areas you need to select for the advertising campaigns, the right auto hoods, and banners to make use of the advertising to make the campaign successful.
  • Once you are satisfied, we offer the best services at a cost-effective rate across different cities in Chennai.
  • We calculate the dimension and share it with you so that you can provide your creative and interactive advertisements for ad campaigns. CDR file is the format we accept. Once you share your advertisements, our executors will convert them into the form of JPEG at no cost. Once you approve the converted ad, we send them for printing. We make use of rexine as the print material for the auto hood and its vinyl for the auto banner.
  • Next is the installation process, where the advertisements are posted on the auto hood or auto banners based on the type of services that you choose.
  • We provide photographs of the advertisements posted in the auto after completing the installation process.

What are the advantages of Auto Advertising Services in Chennai?  

  • The auto’s do not run in fixed areas, they keep on exploring new areas. They are undoubtedly a rich medium to advertise. 
  • It is a very cost-effective medium for advertising. As compared to the other mediums, the auto advertising services come in very handy and convenient.
  • There is no bar for the audiences. There can be as many people watching your advertisement in one go. 
  • As compared to other advertising service providers like pamphlets and brochure service provider this type of auto advertisement proves to be clutter-free. 
  • During traffic jams or excessive burden of vehicles over the road, the commuters can look at the advertisements. 

We are the best auto advertising company in Chennai. brands n behind not only advertise for your product seamlessly but also provide ready to go measures for all the types of auto advertising in Chennai. We believe that auto advertising is the best option for targeting the local audience. It targets a niche audience with no hassles. We try to deliver the Auto’s pictures for an advertisement within two working days since we get the campaign on with us. 

How to Get started with Auto Advertising in Chennai? 

Till now you must have understood how auto advertising will benefit your company’s reputation. The question here arises that how and where to begin with the auto advertising services:

  • For auto back panel advertising and auto hood advertising services just look at the website of brands n behind. 
  • Go to the options menu and click on the pricing and details button.
  • We have packages decided for auto advertisement which ranges from as low as 90rs and over. The campaign is done from 1 month to the time you want it to be. However, if you are not satisfied with the package we mentioned do contact us we can talk over it and customize it. 
  • After done with the campaign the area is decided. 
  • Once all the details are done, we start by doing the advertisement. 

Do not worry about the tracking of your advertisement as once we get started with the auto advertisement services we will share the pictures of the advertisement and auto for your reference purposes. We hope that we have made clear as to how the auto advertisement will help in boosting your business. The times are changing and so is the model for advertising. One thing that hasn’t changed yet and will not change as well as the transportation of people from one place to another. Thus, choosing an auto advertisement for your business is a very good idea. Whether you have a small business or large scale business there is no bar to what extent you can spread your business.

Why we are the Best Auto Advertising Service Providers in Chennai among our Competitors?

100+ successful campaigns

  • 100% satisfied customers
  • Affordable rate
  • On-time delivery with guaranteed responses.
  • 600+ vendor tie-up


Auto rickshaw advertising is one effective way of advertising your products or services to reach targeted audiences at a faster and affordable rate. Auto rickshaw advertising increases the profit and sales of business efficiently. It can be used by all companies starting from low budget to higher budget organizations.

Auto hood, auto back panel, auto side panel, and auto side back panel.

The cost of advertising on auto-rickshaws varies depending on many factors like the type of auto advertisement services, the quantity of Auto required, and more.

No, there are no separate charges for printing and mounting. It’s a part of the complete auto advertising process. GST charges are charged as extra for every service.

The auto-rickshaw advertising campaign is for one month. Still, if there are no other ad advertisements on trial, the ad will stay the same until the next announcement is placed over the auto.

The client will be with us when the advertisement is mounted on auto. We also provide photographs of the advertisements printed on auto as proof for the campaign.

There is no end of campaign images offered as the nature of the auto-rickshaw advertising differs.

We make use of vinyl and rexine materials to print stickers and auto hoods for auto rickshaw advertising in Chennai.

You can contact us 24/7 to get started with the auto advertising campaigns.