Theatre Advertising in Chennai

For connecting people from each and every corner, the most prominent medium used in the market is the advertisement. In the cinema theatres, we all would have noticed that a huge number of people’s population used to gather before and after the cinema in the theatre hall. Additionally, people prefer and pay huge attention to theatre advertisements when compared to television advertisements. Since the duration of the advertisement telecasted in theatres have around 15 minutes and hence the advertisers can deliver detailed information about their product or service clearly via theatre advertising in Chennai.

You can improvise your brand identity to the consumers effortlessly just by advertising it in cinemas. As we all know that, in Chennai, almost all people love to spend their holidays or free time watching a movie in a mall or in a theatre and hence advertising in cinema theatre has a higher probability of target audience reach when compared to other sources of advertising. At Brands N Behind, we assist all our advertisers with unique and catchy content to advertise their brand or service. An advertisement relating to commercials, technical display and design documents everything is taken care of by us and with all the necessary details your advertisement content will be displayed to the end-user at the cinema theatre in Chennai.

Brands N Behind- Our Approach

  • On-screen slides- Before the movie, advertisements with detailed information about your product/service and range pricing for the on-screen slides will be telecasted to the consumers. In addition to the unique advertising design, we also offer you the best video as well as audio effects.
  • In-lobby signages- We have a team of professionals to help you in reaching your target audience via higher visibility. Our professionals will plan your advertisement wisely and improvise audience reach via plasma screens, window clings and posters. You will definitely end up with a massive audience reach and your brand will get maximum visibility via cinema theatre advertising in Chennai.
  •  Ticket Jacketing- Every cinema relating organization will definitely have the service called ticket jacketing. Additionally, it’s also one of the rarest services offered by the off-line marketing company. Brands N Behind has huge experience in this servicing and hence offers you the best ticket jacketing service in Chennai.
  •  On-screen Ad Films- For the promotion of your product or service, basically short and catchy advertisement content is needed and this will definitely grasp the consumer’s attention. We ensure our ad delivery management team will locate your advertisement time slot perfectly with no backlogs and affordable visuals.
  • Parking advertisements- Around the theatre, advertising your product at parking areas and coupon advertisements offered along the walking path will grasp the audience’s attention to a great extent. We are one of the top cinema theatre advertising agencies in Chennai and we do an advertisement in a cinema theatre with affordable ad rates and costs.
  • Beverage advertisements- With the help of digital flyers and samplings, your advertisements will be directly delivered to the audiences in the theatre. Also, mini-applications in addition to the coupons will help in the promotion of your content among the target audiences

Why choose Brands N Behinds for your Theatre Advertising in Chennai?

Join us to enjoy the best quality service and attracting promotional benefits! We are a trustable advertising agency in Chennai and will offer you a genuine and impressive advertising service. Brands N Behind is the theatre advertising agency in Chennai capable of delivering the best cinema advertising in Chennai at affordable costs. We stand in the top 10 positions among the best offline cinema theatre advertising company in Chennai.