How can I put an advertisement in The Hindu newspaper

How can I put an advertisement in The Hindu newspaper

How can I put an ad in The Hindu newspaper

The Hindu is the leading newspaper in India having circulation in millions. The major readership of The Hindu is in Tamil Nadu. So posting ad in this newspaper can bring good results and wider reach. Hindu classification is an important part of the paper where different types of ads are published. From big companies to mid-sized companies use Hindu newspaper advertisement for promotion.

Different Ad Classified Promotion options:

Hindu offers different classified ad promotions. You can choose from the options and post your ad. Some of the options are- Obituary, computer repair, astrology, lost and found, To Rent, Travel, and others. So if you want to post any ad, you can choose the option and post it. For instance, if you want to post ad for bride/groom, you can choose the matrimonial option and publish the ad accordingly.

How to book classified ad in Hindu Newspaper?

Unlike earlier, you don’t have to book the ad by personally visiting the newspaper branch and meet the publisher. Everything is now online, and you can book your content with the help of advertising agency. Newspaper advertising agency like Brands N Behind offers complete assistance to publish ad in the classified section. You can place your ads in Hindu newspaper advertisement by following below steps:

  • You need to select the category and classified ad type- text or display as per your requirement, after which you can choose the location or edition.
  • Next you may select the package and move to the Compose Your Ad page where you can create your own advertisement or simply choose from our pre existing sample templates. Here you will get the preview of the final ad design and also give you the estimated cost.
  • You can now move to the select date and payment section where your Hindu classified ad booking will be completed once payment is cleared through our several online or offline media:  Credit/ Debit Card , Net banking, Demand Drafts, Cheques and NEFT (Online Cash Transfer) to Cash Collection from home and offices.
  • Once the ad booking is done, you will be notified with the email confirming your ad print dates and other details.

Selecting the format of the Hindu classified

The Hindu newspaper offers two different options of classified option:

  1. Classified Text: This is the most effective ad publishing option and runs on the daily edition. Here the ad published is charged on the basis of lines and the format used. Most of the Hindu classifieds are booked for theMatrimonial, Property, Astrology, Lost & Found and others.
  2. Classified Display: This ad allows to display image or logo along with the text content and are quite expensive than other ad display. The best thing about this type of classified is you can print both in colour and black & white. In this, the width of the display ad is fixed at one column. These ads are published under recruitment, business, obituary and public notice sections.

How to write an ad draft for the Newspaper?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to place an ad in the newspaper, then you need to write a good draft. Ad draft is an essential part of the newspaper advertisement. Creating an ad for the newspaper is different from the ad for online. You need to be clear and concise in terms of creating the copy.

Here are few things you need to consider to create a newspaper draft:

  • Consider the Audience

Just like the online advertisement, for newspaper ad you need to consider the target customer. For instance, if you are into car dealing and wan to gain customers, you to create a draft keeping car buying audience in mind. For this, you need to consider everything about the consumer, which includes the budget consideration. When considering the consumer or the audience, do consider the community or the reach the newspaper has. Newspaper like The Hindu has wider reach and is read by upper middle class people. So you will end up having a good readership.

  • Using Emotional Triggers

The attention span of newspaper reader is high then the online readers. If you are publishing ad of obituary or any services that connects with the reader’s emotion, then write a draft that can connect well or creates emotional triggers. Consumers take action on these emotional triggers. For instance, if you are selling mask, then you can create awareness and create and emotional trigger.

  • Keep things simple

When you are creating an ad draft keep it simple and short. Choose words wisely that connect with readers and decide to buy service. Whether you are posting full-page ad or a small classified, you need to keep content short. Keep in mind that these are not online readers but newspaper readers, and they need things in short. For example, you are promoting an NGO service and seeking help for a kid. You can add a slogan like “Save Her Future” along with the image of the kid. This will not only trigger emotional connect but will also engage readers.

  • Call to Action

Just like the online advertisement, here too you need to mention call to action. This will help the reader to know how they can connect. Your call to action can include- free evaluation, a discount, or an offer to add value and engage readers.

Reasons to post ads on Newspapers

No matter you are publishing ad on The Hindu Classified or any other newspaper; you need to know the reasons why newspapers are the best to post ads.

  • Carries Huge Audience

One of the reasons newspapers are the best to publish ads is they have a good readership. For instance, The Hindu has millions of readership and publishing ads on this newspaper can really help in reaching the wider audience. In fact, many adults prefer reading news then checking our online news.

  • Trustworthy

In the age of internet, it becomes really difficult to trust online news. There are many fake news spreading that one cannot consider. However, when it comes to the newspaper, people do trust because the news is published only after proper verification.

  • Print Material Triggers Multiple senses

It is witnessed that digital channels never trigger that touch, the way print materials do. Online ads pop up and you have the option to close. In print, you cannot until you flip the page. In newspaper advertisements, readers are put in the control of information they use. Readers have time to flip the page they enjoy the experience of reading.

  • Prints create engagement

Newspaper advertisements allow readers to take time with the content. They can engage and absorb information while sitting in the doctor’s waiting room or any other area. It creates undivided attention. Newspaper advertisers get more attention direct to their content than digital advertisers.

  • Longer attention span

Compared to online, the print has longer attention span. When we read the paper, we are completely focused on the news and for longer period of time. One of the reasons behind this is the limited distractions in the newspaper.

  • Print ads have more Impact

Internet users usually block ads which come in the screen while reading an article. However, this is not the case with print. One cannot skip the ad unless doing the flip of the page. Readers will take time to read the ad in the form of classifieds, flyers and or any other format. Therefore, print has more impact on readers.

  • Gain attention from Sunday Shoppers

People usually prefer shopping on Sunday’s, and so retailers post ads on Sunday edition. You can post ads on Sunday’s if there is any discount or any new product launch. You have the option to post ad in the form of full-fledged ad or flyer.

  • Wider Reach

The best part of print newspaper is the wider reach. Newspaper like The Hindu has the circulation in millions and makes it best for publishers to make the ad reach the wider readers. You can even publish the ad according to the region you want to make your ad connect soon.

About The Hindu

The Hindu is a national daily newspaper, having it’s headquarter in Chennai. It began its daily edition in 1889 and has been running successfully throughout India. It is the first newspaper that went online, and is the largest readership newspaper in India. It has different bureaus in eleven locations – Islamabad, Colombo, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Beijing, Moscow, Paris, Dubai, Washington, D.C., London, and most recently Addis Ababa.

You can publish your ads in The Hindu newspaper under classifieds and other sections. You can use Hindu classified service offered by the online newspaper advertisement agency.



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