How To Give Ads In Newspaper?

How To Give Ads In Newspaper?

Newspaper advertisement

Whether you are launching a new business, or looking for a suitable bride or groom, advertising on the newspaper is the best way to reach people. With the advertising segment keeps changing its face, entrepreneurs and other individuals are looking forward to adopting this change.

In the age of online advertisement, people have a common misconception that newspaper advertising has lost its charm. But this is not the case because businesses still prefer to go with newspaper marketing which has a wider reach and long shelf-life. You have multiple options to choose in terms of the language and the newspaper to make your ad reach out the larger audience. You can even connect with newspaper advertising agencies in Chennai who will help you to market your ad and reach out to the target audience.

Here are some more insight on the readership

According to one research, more than 40% of people spend more than an hour reading a newspaper. More than a million people buy newspapers to stay updated on the current happening or watch for ads in classified sections. Newspapers are an essential service and continue to be the credible source of information.

Over the decades, newspapers have adopted the changing face of the technology and audience taste. Be it in terms of advertisement methods of presenting the story. The classified or the advertorial section of the newspaper is changing according to the requirement. It is easy to post your ad or classified in the newspaper in a customized way.

One of the reasons why newspaper classifieds are worth going is because it has an exact reach and tracking of circulation is possible. However, the same is done in the online advertising too where you can track its reach and leads through it.

What is Newspaper Advertising?

Newspaper advertising has been the longest-running form of print marketing offering a better platform for small to midsize businesses to market their service and product. If the newspaper has wider reach and circulation, then it becomes easy for the ad to get noticed.

Although it may seem a straightforward process, there are certain things every business owner should be aware of: marketing or advertising in the newspaper.

There are different types of newspaper ads which you can run as per the design and the requirement covering all aspects of the ad.

Before we look into the process of placing ads in newspapers, let us check the advantages of the same.

1) Has Better Reach:

Whether it is a regional newspaper or national newspaper, the reach or the circulation matters the most. One of the basic differences between online and print advertising is the attention span. Internet and digital advertising has short attention spans, whereas print ads have longer lives. Newspaper readers consume news in this medium because they value the news and content. If the newspaper has a better reach, it is possible to get the best lead and readership. When you reach out to the newspaper advertising agency in Chennai, you get options of newspaper to select and publish your ad.

2) More Focused Targeting

The advertisement on the newspaper completely depends on the target reach. If you are running a trading company, then the best is to approach a business newspaper that can reach out to the audience. Focusing on the target audience, you can place your ad on the niche publication. For instance, The Business Standard is the most preferred newspaper for publishing business ads. Similarly, entertainment and lifestyle tabloid newspapers are the best option to publish lifestyle and fashion related ads. This way you can be assured of reaching the target audience.

3) Affordable

One of the benefits of advertising on the newspaper is the affordable rate. Completely depending on the size of the ad, you can publish the ad according to the requirement. You can select the page and the size for the ad. If it’s a small matrimonial ad to search for a bride or groom, then you can post it on the matrimonial classified section.

4) Flexibility:

Newspaper advertisements offer flexibility in terms of publishing ads. You can publish your content on the classified, inserts or box. You can further customize it with the format you want to publish. Choose the size, location and design according to the ad.

5) Better Engagement

Just like the online marketing, the newspaper advertisement offers better engagement if published in the right way. People spend more time reading newspapers that attract their attention. You can publish the content as per the ad and the requirement.

6) Inspires Action

Many readers easily get influenced by the advertisement published in the newspaper. For instance, if you are publishing an ad of a detergent with complete details of the same, readers will consider buying it ahead. It is important to publish an ad which is visually and content wise and looks appealing.

Types of Newspaper Advertising

When you look forward to posting an ad, you need to consider the type of ad you can post in the newspaper. Some of the types of newspaper ads are:

  • Display Ads:

Called as the box ads, display ads are common types of newspaper ads. They are in boxes running 1/8th of the page or full page. Some of the best examples are cosmetics, electronics and home goods fall under this category of the slot.

  • Inserts

If you have direct mail as the marketing tactic, but are wary of the cost to pull the trigger, insert ads is the best alternative. Insert ad is the full-page ad added to the newspaper supplement.

  • Classified Ads

This is one type of ad which has a small count of numbers and is well-organized. The best example of classified ads is matrimonial, local activities, announcements and more. Classifieds fall in both print and digital versions. You will find classified ads on the back page of the newspaper.  There is a separate section for classification.

Let us now check how to give ads on Newspaper:

To place ads on newspaper, you need to follow certain steps to make things handy:

  • Understand your Requirements:

When you first decide to publish your ads on the newspaper classified or any other page, you need to decide the requirements. Know whom you want to communicate and be crystal clear about your requirement, so you can connect with the publisher to publish. Moreover, having a clear idea can also help you to decide the budget for the same. So when you connect with the newspaper advertising agency in Chennai, you can provide them with complete requirement.

  • Set up the budget

Once you are clear with the ad requirement, you can set up the budget according to your requirement. You can connect with the publisher; you can check the budget for each section. The cost of publishing an ad for full page and half page or classified differs. It is best to stay prepared economically. The cost is quite low compared to the online advertisement. Moreover, you can decide the number of editions you want to run the ad.

  • Select the Newspaper:

When it comes to selecting the newspaper, you need to first check the type of ad you are posting. For instance, if you want to publish retail business ads, then a daily regular newspaper is perfect. In case, if you want to post about your trading business, then select the business section newspaper. Similarly, if you are running an educational company, then select the educational newspaper. Like The Times of India have different sections of paper. You can select the section as per the ad you want to post.

  • Book the advertisement

Once you decide the category or the edition, you can go further to book the advertisement. Draft the content and share it with the advertiser or newspaper to publish. When booking the advertisement, do have some conversation with the publisher on how creatively you can post. You can do this while drafting the same. Brands are using creative ways to promote the ad that can induce readers to buy the product.

  • Now monitor the Feedback

Once your ad is posted and the edition is circulated, you can monitor the feedback. The feedback is important to know because it will help you to decide the further advertisement plan. When you check the feedback see whether it is negative or positive.

  • Newspaper Advertisement for All

Newspaper advertisement is not limited to any specific individual; it can be used by any company irrespective of the size. You can either go for a classified half page ad or full-page ad, depending on the type of ad you want to share. There are many newspaper options to choose and advertise. You can choose the newspaper as per the ad you want to publish.

So start advertising your brand or product using newspaper to make it reach to the wider target audience and stay with the traditional marketing technique. 



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