How to Advertise in Times of India

How to Advertise in Times of India


Newspaper advertising is the most effective way to market your product or service. The best thing is newspaper advertisements aren’t limited to companies, but individuals too. Whether you want to post an ad to find a groom/bride, sell your car, hire any service, or anything else, you can publish your ad in the newspaper. There are many top national newspapers having millions or readership and circulation. If you want to publish your ad on any of these newspapers, the best is to connect with the leading newspaper advertising agency. When it comes to publishing ads in the newspaper, Times of India is the top newspaper to publish ads. Times of India classifieds allow you to advertise your post in different pages according to your requirement. They have different sub-papers for different sections. This includes- Times Sports, Times Entertainment, Times Real Estate, Lifestyle and the main Time of India. So you can choose the category to post your ad. You can even choose a separate Times Classifieds, which is purely for the classified ads.

Connect with the Times of India Ad Agents who will help you to publish your ad as per the requirement.

How to book an advertisement in Times of India classified newspaper?

Booking an advertisement in Times of India is quite easy and handy, especially if you are seeking service from Brands N Behind, the leading newspaper advertising agency in Chennai. Whether you want a classified or display category ad, you can use it according to your requirement. Below are the steps on booking an ad in Times of India classified:

  • Choose a Classified Category for Times of India from the list
  • Select Ad Rates for the city you wish to advertise in TOI.
  • Choose the date of publishing from Calendar.
  • Draft your Ad content referring Classified Samples
  • Finally review the cost and booking details then make payment choosing from various payment options like Credit / Debit Card, Google Pay, PayTM or Bank Transfer.

The cost of ad publishing in Times of India classified differs according to the type of ad you want to post. In general, the price starts from Rs 300 and goes till Rs 50lakhs for a full-page ad. Similarly, classifieds in Times interact are charged as per line, whereas the rate for display ads are changed in the Rupees per square centimetre. The best is to have a communication with the ad agency through which you will get the complete idea about the ad rate for the type of advertisement you want to have.

Here is the outline of advertisement cost in TOI:

  • Times of India Display Ad- Main Edition- Rs 60 per sqm
  • Advertising in City Times- City Edition- Rs 48 per sqm
  • Advertising in Times Ascent- Supplement- Rs 240 per sqm
  • Times Obituary Advertisement- Main Edition – Rs 22 per sqm

Best day to post ad in the Times of India

This completely depends on the type of ad you are posting. If you are posting for matrimonial, then any day is fine. For recruitment, the best day is Wednesday under the Times Ascent. If you are running a retail business, then publishing the ad on weekends is the best.

The main purpose of publishing ads in Times of India newspaper is to make people aware about your service. With newspapers like TOI, by posting just one ad you can reach millions of readers. In Chennai itself the newspaper has around million readers. One of the reasons to post an ad in Times of India is you get instant response from readers. However, it also depends on how well you are posting the ad which can grab the attention of readers.

Advertising in Times Interact Classifieds:

There are various advertising options in TOI newspaper. Each carries a different price range. Out of all pages, classified advertising is the most economical option for publication. Classified column publishes ads on the newspaper regular under the Times Interact section. Under this, the special supplement is printed for the Matrimonial Classified Advertisement Called Sunday Times Soulmate on every Sunday. All matrimonial Advertisements are published under Wanted Bride or Wanted Groom heading. So if you want to search for a bride/groom, then this section is perfect for the post.

For property related ads, Property Times is the best to feature your real estate ads. Property Times are usually published on Friday or Saturday. You will also find a special section for Property Classified Advertisements where Property for Sale and Rent Ads are published.

Then there is a popular supplement on education published on every Monday academic related classified ads in Education Times to the target audience.

If you want to publish the ad about your designer clothing line or beauty products, then Times Entertainment is the right option to go for and publish.

Why must you go for newspaper Times of India advertising?

Newspapers like Times of India offer a great chance for individuals and marketers to publish their ad that can reach out to millions of readers. Some of the benefits you get by advertising on newspaper are-

  • Connects with the Target Audience

Newspaper advertising helps to connect with certain demographics. For instance, TOI has good circulation in urban cities, and if you want to target the urban readers, then it is the best to go for and publish the ad. You can go for a small classified to weekly full-page ad.

  • Newspaper Advertising is Flexible:

Newspapers offer flexibility compared to online marketing. Advertisers choose the exact size and location to place the ad. You also have the flexibility of choosing the supplement according to the ad you want to publish. You can choose to post the content according to the ad you want to post.

  • Affordable Advertising Platform

Newspaper advertising typical costs less compared to the online marketing, this is because you have multiple options to choose and timeline. For example, if you are looking to publish the advertisement for two days, you need to pay only for two days and according to the circulation. This will certainly save money. You can even customize the ad as per your need. In case, there is a decline in the newspaper ad revenue means fewer print and other digital ads. Additional discounts are provided for increased ad coverage and frequency.

  • Newspaper has better reach

The best example here is the Times of India, which has crores of readerships. If you have a large scale company and want to market your product to a larger audience, then you publish your ad in TOI that will reach out to the maximum audience. The reader’s attention span is much more than the online viewers’ attention span. Moreover, every affluent household purchase newspaper. So you got a good reading schedule.

Different Options available to advertise in Time of India Classifieds

There are two different options through which you can publish your classified ads.

  1. Classified Text Ads in Times of India-

In this type of ad, the publisher runs a simple running text format under pre-defined headings provided by the newspaper in the classified column of the newspaper every day. The Times of India Classified text ads are charged based on the number of lines used in the content with the limitation for using the number of lines. These are plain text ads, but TOI offers customization options like using background colour, bold, tick-mark options and other options. You can check rates for these classified text ads in TOI.

  • Classified Display in TOI:

This display ad gives freedom to advertisers for designing the ad as per the choice. You have the freedom to choose a font, vibrant images and logo of the company. The display ad rate is quite high. The classified display ad in TOI is quite elaborative and eye-catching. The charge is as per the square centimetre in TOI newspaper. You can even choose the colour and other aspects of the ad.

About Times of India

Times of India are the leading national daily newspaper since 1838. Over the ages, TOI has turned up to the top ranking and world’s largest-selling English. Currently, there are more than 330000 daily copies throughout India. Moreover, there are 15 million readers. There are a total of 50 editions published every day. In addition to this, the leading newspaper publishes print editions in all regional languages. From Kannada to Hindi and Bengali, TOI offers news in different languages. Publishing ads in TOI is certainly a good idea if you want to reach a wider audience. The Times of India advertisement is beneficial for you, and you can reach out to the wider audience.

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