How Much Does It Cost to Advertise in Newspapers?

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise in Newspapers?

Newspaper advertisement

Newspapers are the best type of media that are viewed by almost everyone. Despite free advertisements posted on websites, the market for newspaper advertisements hasn’t decreased. The newspapers attract genuine customers. This is why companies opt to advertise in different languages through newspaper media. There are various sections in the newspaper advertising according to which the ads are differentiated to grab the attention of the reader. 

Newspaper advertisement agency in Chennai undertakes the job of posting ads in the newspaper. The cost of the newspaper ad completely depends on the placement and the size of the ad. Like in Daily Thanthi, the leading newspaper in Chennai, the cost of ad starts from Rs 300 and goes till 15 lacs. For a newspaper that has the highest circulation, the cost may differ accordingly.

Benefits of advertising in Newspaper-

Segregated columns-

As mentioned earlier. The newspaper divides the advertisements into columns. Each of the columns represents real estate, jobs, services, matrimonial, etc. The segregation of ads into various categories enables the reader to identify the services which the customer looks for. 

Options of color and language- 

The advertiser can choose the colors to display the advertisement in the newspaper and add a small picture. A set of 6 colors are available and options to bold the text enables the advertiser to attract customer’s attention. The newspapers are printed in various national and regional


Multiple ads-

The advertiser can post the same advertisement multiple times in a week. There are certain packages in which the client can select the days on which the advertisement will be printed. Also, the client can post multiple ads with the same number. 


The client can customize the ad based on word count and can even add attractive and eye-catching words. As the competition is less in newspaper advertising, it becomes easy for the client to customize the ad according to the budget and decrease the words wherever possible.

High customer attraction-

The newspaper is widely purchased and read by almost every household. The chances of people reading the advertisement column are high compared to online media. As more adults rely on print media rather than online media which is reliable. Approximately 75% of the total households have newspaper subscriptions which make it the widely available advertising media. In addition to this, people are concerned with the ads put up in the newspaper and usually scroll the online media without looking at the ad. 

Targets region-

Newspaper advertising is more flexible than online advertising. Newspaper advertising agency in Chennai targets specific locations such as district, village, and particular city, which makes the process of attracting customers easier. By targeting a specific city it becomes easy for the client to get a quick response from customers who view the advertisement.

Repetition of ads-

The ads in newspaper advertising media can be printed repeatedly on the application of the client. The cost of the ads is affordable and based on per word which ensures that the printing of the ad is user-friendly for the customer. 

Creates customer interaction-

Customers call the client once they have a look at the ad, this not only generates sales but also builds a customer base who can be approached when the need arises. The contact numbers can be used to further promote another product or service. 


It isn’t necessary for customers to directly contact the advertiser. There are many instances where the customers might look at the ad and refer it to their friends and colleagues. With this, the ad reaches those people who don’t read the newspapers.


Sometimes, the customers can be other companies who are looking for products and sevrice3s and might outsource with the help of the advertisement.

Offers and discounts-

Unlike the online media where there is no discount, the print media offers discounts on the payment of newspaper advertising. Often there is also an offer given by the advertising agency to post extra ads. Such offers and discounts help the advertiser in displaying the ad to the customers.

Types of Newspaper advertising

When it comes to advertising in the newspaper, there are various options for the customers to chose from which are as given below-

Box Advertisement-

Newspaper advertising has a separate section to display ads. This section is used mostly by apparel stores, recruitment agencies, real estate, hospitals, new product introduction, electronics, services, and government advertorial. The box occupies half of the page and sometimes the full page even.

Insert section-

When the advertisement doesn’t fit the criteria of advertisement in the classified section of the newspaper, the better option is to make an additional copy of it and attach it to the newspaper. Pamphlets are printed either on one side or two sides and are attached inside the newspaper. The pamphlets are available in all colors and creative options such as embossed ad and samples can be attached. The pamphlets can also be used as coupons in shopping stores. 

Things to keep in mind while creating an advertisement according to the cost:

Newspaper advertisement agencies in Chennai help the customers in creating a potential advertisement. 

  • The advertisement should include the main details of the product and service. In the absence of details, customers get confused and don’t understand what the advertisement is about.  
  • The tag line of the company attracts the customer quickly. The tag line should be catchy and mentioned along with the product.
  • The ad should not include a lot of hard-to-understand words. This makes it confusing for customers to understand the information being printed.
  • The advertisement should be short, crisp, and precise with all the details mentioned in a simplified way. 
  • The advertiser needs to finalize the position of posting the advertisement. As the prices of printing an ad depending on the position of the newspaper. 
  • The top-page advertisement costs more than the bottom of the page.
  • The advertisement should be repeatedly printed to grab the attention of the customers.
  • The font of the advertisement should be visible enough and not too small for readers to struggle and read.
  • Proofread the ad to identify mistakes and errors.
  • Once the details of the advertisement are decided, the print preview of the ad should be looked upon to make necessary changes.
  • Lastly, target the right audience to advertise the ad.

Newspaper advertising agency in Chennai charges different rates based on the following criteria-

  • The word length of the ad
  • Font size and color of the information
  • Size of the image and pixels
  • Position of the ad on the newspaper
  • Additional printing and samples in the paper
  • The different classified section also demands different rates on certain days. Weekends cost a little higher than the weekdays due to the fact the readers are free usually on weekends and the chances of getting responses are higher. 
  • The repeated attracts high cost.
  • Newspaper advertisement agency in Chennai has combo packs to minimize the cost of advertisement to the client. Here discounts and coupons are offered when the ad is being posted multiple times in a week.
  • The location where the newspaper is being circulated also determines the cost of the ad. Newspaper advertising in the city costs more than the ads displayed in newspapers of districts and villages.
  • The cost of the ad is determined by the occupancy per square meter.

Steps to book an ad online in a Newspaper agency in Chennai

  • Select the ad type and edition in which it is to be published
  • Create the ad and proofread it for errors after which the image is to be attached if necessary.
  • The next step is to analyze the cost per word and edit the document to deduct extra words.
  • Select the date and make the payment online through debit, credit, or a payment app via mobile phone.
  • In case of queries, the customer can contact the newspaper advertisement agency in Chennai via email or online chat support.

The customers can feel free to clear their doubts and ask for suggestions as the team of newspaper advertising in Chennai is customer-friendly and is always ready to provide insights into the target market.

With all the benefits of newspaper advertising, it becomes quite easy for senior citizens to find ads that can be viewed without the help of complex websites that end up tiring the eyes. The readers also tend to save the ad and track it whenever necessary. But, in the case of online advertisement, it also attracts customers who just call and inquire about details and never purchase the product or service. Thus, newspaper advertising is the best media to promote the advertisement.



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