How to Advertise in Daily Thanthi Newspaper?

How to Advertise in Daily Thanthi Newspaper?


Times have changed and the way advertisements are done has also changed. In the age of online marketing and advertisements, the importance of newspaper advertisement is still prevalent. It hasn’t lost its charm and newspapers like Daily Thanthi with its high readership, classifieds and ads are still high in demand. Daily Thanthi advertising agency in Chennai offers a good marketing platform for brands and small businesses to advertise and reach out to a larger audience. Whether you want to advertise your new service, retail discount, or any matrimonial advertisement, Daily Thanthi offers a great platform.

One of the benefits of using newspapers like Daily Thanthi for classifieds or other advertisements is you don’t have to spend a fortune on online marketing or advertising. The cost of advertising on the newspaper depends on the space required. The full page advertising will cost you lakhs compared to half page or small space which can be done in a few hundred or thousand rupees.

Let us check how you can publish advertisement in Daily Thanthi

  • Decide the type of ads you want to publish:

You need to first decide the type of ads you want to publish in the newspaper. There are three different types of ads to choose:

  • Classified Text Ads: These ads are cheapest and contain only text. These types of ads are simple, but are very much effective if you want to target a certain section of the ad. For instance, the matrimonial classified ad works best and is targeted to a certain section. Classified Text Ads can be highlighted using a tick mark and carry different fonts to ensure it does not go unnoticed. So whether you want to post matrimonial, property or astrology, you can post accordingly.
  • Classified Display Ads: These types of ads are for the obituary, recruitment or education. One of the reasons it is called a classified display is because they contain images and are quite attractive in terms of look.
  • Display Ads: Display ads are best of all. It covers the complete page or half page. The best example of this is the retail offer ad. It is quite colourful. You can put all your creativity while displaying the ad.
  • Choose the Location:

Next is to go for the discount package available on the website and choose the ad category. You can choose the location of the ad as per the requirement. You can check out the samples of the ad on the Daily Thanthi.

  • Selecting the Date of Publishing:

You can select the date of the publishing and do the payment of the same through different options. Once done, the ad or classified will be published on the given date.

Benefits of booking advertisement on Daily Thanthi

  • Easy Ad Publishing Process

One of the benefits of using Daily Thanthi advertising agency in Chennai is the ad booking process. As mentioned above, the process is quite simple and fast. You can choose from the types of ads you want to post and space you need. Select as per the space you want for the specific ad.

  • Massive Coverage:

Another major benefit of using the local leading newspaper is the massive circulation or coverage of the same. Daily Thanthi, being the local newspaper has the circulation of around lakhs and is the best platform for advertising.

  • Full Control:

Unlike online marketing or advertisement, the newspaper advertisement offers full control on how you want and for how long you want the advertisement you want to run. Daily Thanthi offers full control over the ad.

  • Wider Audience:

Posting ads on the classifieds at the newspaper will help your ad to reach the wider audience. If the newspaper has a good reach, then you will surely get better audience and viewership. For a small business offering service will get better benefits.

Using Newspaper Classified for advertisements:

Classified ads in newspapers are the most cost-effective way of advertising. The rates are quite reasonable compared to online advertising. You can pay according to the space and page your ad should be published. One of the ways to post content for classified ads in the newspaper is to draft the content in the simplest and shortest form. Also get it published on Saturday or Sunday to get maximum views. For instance, if you are looking for a bride or a groom, then go for the Matrimonial ad in Newspaper’s classified section. You can choose for the special feature published for Saturdays and Sundays in leading newspapers. In Daily Thanthi, you will have a separate classified section. This helps in getting more views.

  • Offers More Flexibility

Compared to other marketing or advertising mediums, newspapers offer more flexibility. As mentioned above, you have the freedom to choose the size and placement of the same. Like, if you connect with the Daily Thanthi Advertising agency in Chennai, you will have the option of selecting the design, placement and other essentials of the ad. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to choose the cost for the advertisement purpose.

Another major benefit of newspaper advertising is it integrates print-to web features including the QR codes along with the web-based information.

  • Connect with the Target Audience

One of the benefits of using newspaper classifieds and newspapers is you will be able to connect with your target audience as per your financial status and age. If you want to target a specific audience, you can post the ad accordingly. Furthermore, you also have the freedom to choose the page you want to post your and connect with the audience accordingly. For instance, if you want to post the sports shoe ad, you can post it on the sports section. Similarly, if you want to advertise about the wedding outfit, you can post the content on the matrimonial page. This will also help in saving your cost of posting your ad for the full page.

  • Improved Audience Engagement

There are many studies claiming that print has a longer time frame compared to the advanced substance. For instance, when you sit down to read the newspaper, you will check the news and ads for a long. Moreover, newspaper publishers are getting more creative in terms of ad placing that creates more engagement for the audience. Furthermore, it will help in better ROI than other mediums of marketing.

  • Positive Expectations by Readers:

In online marketing, there are times when the audience may get irritated due to regular pop-up, which is not the case in newspaper advertisements. For instance, if there is seasonal sale on the branded cloth, and the ad is published in the newspaper, then there is a high chance readers will go ahead to buy it. Here, the placement of the ad matters the most, so that people can have the attention. It is best to connect with the Daily Thanthi Advertisement contact number Chennai, where you can speak to the publisher and know more about the placement of the ad.

  • Being Creative when publishing of Ads:

Creativity always gives the best result. For instance, if you want to post about the car, then you can post it creatively with a two page split ad or one-page split ad. The Daily Thanthi Advertising agency in Chennai offers different types of ad posting options. You can choose as per your requirement which is readable and get better results.

  • Helps in Building Reputation

Be it online marketing or print marketing, reputation building is what you will get and is much necessary. Newspaper publishers work hard on creating the ad more creatively and increasing the readership of the newspaper. So when you publish your ad on the local newspaper like Daily Thanthi, you will be able to build a reputation.

  • Posting on different Categories

At the Daily Thanthi Advertising Agency in Chennai, you will find different categories to choose. From recruitment to matrimonial and Business and obituary, there are options to select and post your ad.


With the above-mentioned benefits and methods to post on the Daily Thanthi Newspaper, it becomes easy to share your ads. To advertise your ad on Daily Thanthi, you need to ideate and draft the content accordingly. Once you draft the content, you will be able to share with the publisher for the posting. The ultimate aim of posting the ad on the local leading newspaper is the better reach of the content. To get more idea about advertising the content, check out the Daily Thanthi advertisement contact number Chennai.



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