Flashback Story of Newspaper Advertisement

Flashback Story of Newspaper Advertisement


Newspaper Advertisement is the most effective way of Advertisement still now. Many businesses advertise their brand in newspapers to cover a large audience. People trust advertising in newspapers and they become part of our Indian culture. India is the second largest newspaper publishing country in the world. More than 70 million copies are circulated in India every day. Many people read newspapers on a daily basis and it has become one of their habits. Newspaper Advertisements have become an inevitable promotion activity in business sectors. This growth has not happened in one day. They came a long way to reach this position in society.

Emerging days of newspaper Advertisement

The newspaper came into existence in the early days of the 16th and 17th centuries. In the early days, newspapers were published  weekly in European countries like Germany, Holland and Venice  and they mostly contained information like wars and politics. The first daily newspaper  was Daily Courant published from 1702 to 1735  in Britain. Even in the beginning stage , newspapers carried commercial Advertisements. The growth of daily newspapers also increased the growth of ads in the newspaper. Promotions of books and medicine were Advertised in newspapers in the beginning and in the mid 17th century the advertisement of products were published and came into existence.

Hickey’s Bengal gazette is the first English weekly newspaper in Asia. It is also known as Calcutta General Advertiser. This started the impact of newspaper reading and commercial Advertisement in India. The publication of various newspapers in India like Bombay times and Journal of Commerce which is now known as The Times of India  and The Hindu began to rise. By the end of 18 th century Morning Herald of London began to categorize ads as “To be let”, “To be sold”, “Want places”, “Sale by Auction”, etc. The Philadelphia public ledger is the first newspaper to have a special department for classified ads.  These classified ads were sold at low cost and can be affordable for individuals to cover mass audiences.

Growth on 19th and 20th century

During the late 19th and 20th century, the growth of newspapers began to reach higher throughout the world as well as in India. B.Dataram and company established their first advertising agency in 1905  followed by the Indian advertising company, Calcutta Advertising agency and S.H. Bensen. In the period of world war, the increase of newspaper ads reached places. During this period, newspapers carried various ad-like positions and help wanted on their newspaper. David Ogilvy started his own advertising agency in India and during the freedom movement the newspaper gained momentum and a rise in innovation of Advertisement like asking Indians to buy Swadeshi products and boycotting products from British empire.

After the world war, there was a decline in newspaper Advertisement due to heavy tax and regulations followed in india. However after 1980, due to the opening of the economy there was an improvement in newspaper Advertisement. Many corporate sectors increased their advertising budget and many ad agencies came into existence.

The growth of the world wide web reached around the world in early 2000, this technology gained the attraction of business sectors and they used this opportunity to grow their business online throughout the world. In this period , business sectors started choosing online marketing for better promotion. Even now, Newspapers are read by thousands of people around the world. It is still cost effective. Newspaper Advertisement is still an effective way of Marketing to reach a large number of people in india.

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