Is Magazine & newspaper advertising still effective?

Is Magazine & newspaper advertising still effective?


Don’t believe anyone saying that print is dead. Though technology has advanced through the Internet and Smartphones, there are still many potential customers who pay attention to the printed word. Statistics on Newspaper and Magainze state that 70% of the people read the newspaper daily, and among them, 45% of them spend at least one-hour reading newspapers and magazines.

Advertising in Newspaper and Magazines are still popular and helps in a reliable increase in sales. There are plenty of Magazine Advertising and Newspaper Advertising Companies in Chennai like Brandsbehind, who effectively do these advertising services.

Why is Magainze and Newspaper advertising still the best option to promote your business?

Newspapers and Magazines are vital print media used by different advertising companies to provide advertising messages. Magazines make a connection with the specific audience easier, whereas the newspaper offers plenty of new opportunities for various range of advertisers.

Magazine Advertising and Newspaper Advertising has seen colossal development across Chennai. Here are some of the reasons why the printed ad is still useful.

  1. Trust: Getting an ad placed in the Magazine or newspaper means you are speaking to the readers who are attentive to your message. It indicates the audience’s trust in every detail and information provided in the specific Magazine or newspaper.
  2. Different new dimensions/size: With newspaper and magazine advertisements, you can differentiate the ad size based on your space and budget. Running smaller ads is useful in a few instances, but larger advertisements are mostly preferred.
  3. Brand Recognition: Newspaper and Magazine advertising in Chennai easily get noticed by the readers. The audience who flip through the pages of Magazine and Newspaper become aware of things they see in the newspaper. So it clearly states that advertisers who place ads in Magazines and Newspapers will have their ads noticed by the readers or targeted audience. It means more sales when compared with other advertising or marketing platforms.
  4. Last-Minute marketing: Newspapers are released daily, whereas Magazine is published weekly or monthly. It means you can place your ads that you expect to get faster turnarounds.
  5. Good Reach locally and nationally: Newspapers advertising and Magazine advertising in Chennai are mostly chosen when they are aware of their clear targets. You can prefer to choose the remnant or the national market as per the targeted audiences.
  6. Good leads at an affordable price: The marketers choose remnant advertising as the first choice due to its cost. Though the price is affordable, the newspaper and magazine advertising can be done in a way that they easily convert the readers into paying customers.

Advertisers who invest in Newspapers and Magazine advertising can capture captive and highly targeted audiences. The bottom line shows that you should never give up on print advertising like Newspaper and Magazine advertising. Both advertising carry credibility and permanency, which other publicity like digital advertising lacks. So as a whole, Magazine and Newspaper Advertising is the best way to enhance your business. For more details on Magazine and Newspaper Advertisement in Chennai, Contact Brands N Behind.