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In the age of online advertisement, if you are thinking that newspaper advertisement has lost its charm or importance, then you are completely wrong. We at Brands N Behind work with our clients in assisting them to publish their ad in the leading newspaper. Whether you want to publish a political ad, matrimonial, product or service, we as the leading newspaper advertisement agency in Chennai will help you to publish and reach out to the target audience. By using the creative advertising method, we ensure your ad gets the maximum reach.

Newspaper Advertisement- Now Book your Ad through Online Service

Post Advertisements in the Leading Indian Newspapers

If you are still not making the best use of newspaper advertising, then you are certainly not making the best use of the marketing platform. The thing with the newspaper advertisements is it will help in increasing your marketing endeavours and triple your ROI. When you use the right words and overall customized look for the target audience, the newspaper ad turns appealing. To get this done, the best is to hire Brands N Behind, the leading newspaper advertising marketing agency.

We being the leading advertising agency in Chennai, we offer both online and offline marketing. When we say offline marketing, we mean the newspaper advertising. We are authorized by the leading Indian Newspapers to book classified ads online for the print edition. You can even book newspaper ad online and get place in the India’s leading publication. We have been publishing ads on the leading newspapers including The Times of India, The Hindu, Daily Thanthi, and others.

Booking Newspaper Classified Advertisements online

Brands N Behind has made newspaper advertisement easy and faster through online ad booking process. You can Book Classified & Display Advertisements in all the leading newspapers in India. Whether you want to book or publish matrimonial, property, rental, name change, business, service, etc. We assist companies and individuals to post publish ads in the newspaper step by step.

How to Book Advertisement in Newspapers?

Publishing newspaper ad is quite easy now, compared to the physical task before. However, in the age of online ad booking, you can publish your ad online and the process is faster.

To book ad in the newspaper, you need to first select the classified text option and the category where you want to book the ad. There are various options like the recruitment, rental, name change, property sale, etc. You can even select newspaper on which you want to publish your ad. This includes the Hindu, Deccan Chronicle, HT, etc.

Once you choose the newspaper, category and draft, you can then make the payment through Credit / Debit Card, Internet Bank or Deposit the amount in our bank account to get your ad published in Newspaper on desired selected date.

Why Place Advertisement in Newspapers?

Newspaper advertisement is the most effective form of advertising in India. There are different sections or categories in the newspaper, in which you can advertise your ad according to the need and budget. Our advertising experts will guide you for choosing the right option for getting maximum response for business through advertisement in newspaper at lowest cost. We also offer special discount on newspaper advertisement rates. We have served happy customers coming to us as individual and company. We help brands and companies to help reach the target audience.

Benefits of booking Classified Ads in Newspapers with Brands N Behind:

If you are looking for the best newspaper advertising agency that can do justice to your ad, then Brands N Behind is the right agency to go with. Whether you want to have a classified text ads or classified display ads, you will not be charged with huge price rate. Generally, the rate of the classified ads in newspaper depends on size and the type of ad you want to post. Rates in classified also depends on the lines, words and of a page are supposed to be send. However, the single newspaper ad costs then other types of ad in the newspaper.

In addition to low-cost ad, Brands N Behind also offers:

  • Massive Coverage: Since we are the leading online newspaper advertisement agency, we help in giving your news a massive coverage by covering it in different news channels. Some of these are Daily Thanthi, TOI, The Hindu and others. All these local and national newspaper have good circulation.
  • Customer Targeting: We help in creating and publishing ads in the newspaper by keeping the target audience in the mind. To target the audience, it is important to have the right placement of ad. This involves property, recruitment and other section.
  • Simple Booking Process: If you want your classified newspaper ad to appear in the top publication, then you need to connect with expert and get assistance in simple booking process. We at Brand N Behind have ready templates to create a new one our website. You can preview them before finalizing and get it published in the newspaper. At Brands N Behind, it is up to you to choose everything from media outlets and placement categories.

Advertising in Newspaper Classified Column

One of the most effective and cost-saving option of newspaper advertising is classified column. The rate for advertising in the classified in reasonable enough, that will help you save money. For example: If you are looking for a potential bride and groom, then you can publish the ad on the matrimonial page. There is separate section for matrimonial in different newspaper. For example- Matrimonial Ad in Times of India offers good option to publish the ad for the search of potential bride and groom. There are hundreds of classified published on every weekend.

Similarly, if you want to publish for a vacancy and looking for a potential employee, then you can use the Job Recruitment Ad in Newspaper. If you are posting on a reputed newspaper, then you will surely get the best result. The same goes for the Property ad in newspaper in the classified section. If you want to sell your property, then you publish it on the Property ad section.

Some local newspapers like Daily Thanthi also accepts Obituary and lost n found classified in the respective classified section.

From matrimonial to lost n found, newspaper classified has all the options available for the publisher. Brands N Behind is the leading newspaper advertising agency that does the job with perfection. We ensure there is no stress and you get to publish what you want in the minimum price range. You can connect with us anytime via mail or call. Our executives will help you in getting the best by publishing the classified. Connect with us now to get your newspaper ad in the leading publication and reach out to your target audience.