Suryan FM Radio Advertising Agency in Chennai

Use the Suryan FM advertising to uplift your business and also change your client’s perspective towards your business. Many a time this happens in business that target clients do not get to contact the genuine companies. In that case, the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai will act as a savior for your business. This provides specific and efficient coverage for the business. With the help of such type of advertising the core messages will come into life. We create unique and innovative ads for delivering a cost-effective response from the clients. 

Suryan FM Radio Advertising Agency in Chennai

Suryan FM is spontaneous and comes with wide varieties, also the campaigns at it can be pre-booked within 24hours. Suryan FM targets potential leads with the commercials which are accurate and targets people who have accessed the services or shopped within some time. It also targets the options for which the clients have searched online. The national brands and marketers have been boosted with the help of the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai. with the help of radio campaigns, they have created continuous brand awareness.

Why Choose the Suryan FM Radio Advertising Agency in Chennai?

Suryan FM radio advertising is owned by Sun group. Suryan FM 93.5 generally plays Tamil and other regional languages. It was launched in the year 2002 and is currently owning 07 other radio channels. It has crosses approximately 14,44,000 listeners thus it can create an unmatchable impact on the people at a very fast rate. As per the records it has been ranked among the top listers when it comes to advertising. As radios work on 15 to 30 to 60 increments per second thus very small ad on the radio can also prove to be very effective. Catchy jingles and powerful words can indeed help Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai be a boon for your business. The radio advertisement works in the following ways:

  • Attention: make the ad which is indeed short yet sweet. Most people usually don’t prefer paying attention to ads be it radio or TV. So the ads on the radio are made interesting either by some jingles or some songs. 
  • Know your audience: always focus on your ideal listeners. Just exactly when you know that who your real audience is and what they want from you then only you will be able to advertise it. 

Thus, the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai is the best option to advertise your services and products to the local audiences and markets. The bestselling point about the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai is that they offer the lowest entry points and vast regional flexibility. The mentions of the advertisements are also done by the major RJs of the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai if required. The best of the listeners come out when Chennai airwaves of radio advertisement accompanied by the latest of Kollywood songs. 

About Brands N Behind- Suryan FM radio Advertising Agency in Chennai

We are among the best radio advertising agency with the best facilities available for a radio advertisement. We never compel any of our clients to pay or sign up for the advertisement. As one of the leading Suryan FM radio advertising agencies in Chennai, we always try to offer the best radio rates to our valuable clients. by keeping the cost-down and providing the most competitive rates we are the best services providers in Chennai. 

Why Choose us as a Suryan FM Radio Advertising Agency in Chennai?

The radio station provides the Free commercial time (FCT) wherein the businessmen can sell their commodities and products at much lesser and discounted rates as compared to the other slots. There are various time slots available at the Suryan FM radio. The Primetime is early morning and morning time slots where advertising rates are higher as compared to other slots. During this slot, people are usually commuting for their work or doing household chores. Then comes the non-prime time where the costs are the lowest as during this time the listeners are quite low and not very prominent. 

Then comes the RODP or the mixed time where there is a combination of listeners. Sometimes the RJs also take the name of the companies and their products which also makes a good impact on the listeners. They get a sense of confidence and security by it. the RJ usually spends 35-40 seconds speaking about the brand and product. If you are taking the advertisement services for a special occasion like Holi, Diwali festivals then the rates might go higher as most of the brands advertise and provide lucrative offers for their clients. 

If you are wondering about the cost of making an advertisement on the Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai then it shuffles based on the slots and repetitions. Starting from 200 rs. To 1500 rs it depends on the timing, slots, and repetitions of the ads. Also, the time of the day, location, or target audience size for that matter of fact alters the advertisement rate. For more Details Contact us Suryan FM rates & Best Offers.

Suryan FM radio advertising agency in Chennai is a good option for people looking out for selling the products.