Facts and features of newspaper Advertisement

Facts and features of newspaper Advertisement


We all have read newspapers in our life by ourselves or for any other reasons. In India, newspapers have become an inevitable part of our culture. It has been printed and circulated for a long period of time. Many people have a habit of reading the newspaper every day and it becomes a part of their life. Newspapers reading is a good habit which helps you get updated  everyday. Spending time on the newspaper every day will help to increase your reading capacity and know what’s happening around you. There are some interesting facts you should know about newspapers.

Interesting facts about newspaper

  • The oldest existing newspaper of India is Bombay samachar first published in July 1822 with 14 pages of printed matter.
  • India is the second largest newspaper publisher in the world. More than 70 million copies are published Every day.
  • The Hindu is known as the ultimate knowledge newspaper. It contains various benefits of knowledge for UPSC,CSE for knowing current affairs. It is one of the most valuable newspapers in India.
  • Dainik jagran is the largest read publication in India. According to the surveys of December 2019, Dainik jagaran is placed on a top position by 52 million readers during the survey.
  • The revenue of Indian newspapers Crosses billions. They get revenue by selling newspapers and selling space in their newspaper to advertisers.
  • Newspaper is a trusted source of Advertisement of the Indian retailers. 99.4 percent of businesses advertise their brand in newspapers. Although many new digital marketing came into existence but still newspaper Advertisement are cost effective and read by a large number of audience.

Why are newspaper Advertisements still an effective way of promotion?

  • When you publish your advertisement in a newspaper, A large audience will come across your business.
  • We can make a creative and attractive ad and publish it in newspapers for your business growth.
  • Newspaper ads have been builded trust for a long period of time. Remember that still today there are millions of people  who are reading newspapers regularly. 
  • There are more than 70 million copies of newspapers circulating in India. Newspaper Advertisements are still suggested by many advertising agencies for business promotions.

Cost of newspaper advertising

Newspaper Advertisement is still an effective way of promotion. The cost of ads will vary. According  to the some factors which determine the cost:

  • Size of the ad- newspaper ad space is sold by column inch. The larger column space will increase your cost.
  • Ad placement- The placement of ad also determines its cost. If you place your ad on the first page it costs more than placing it on other pages.
  • Frequency running- the cost of placing ads on daily newspapers is higher than Placing ad on weekly and monthly newspapers. You should advertise your business frequently to increase your business and cover more customers.
  • Ad type-  The cost of ad changes according to the type of ad you have selected. The classified ad cost less than a display or insert ad.
  • Circulation-  if the newspaper circulation is more than you have to pay higher than other local newspaper Advertisements because higher the circulation the higher the coverage of the audience.

Ad types in newspapers

Newspaper Advertisement are listed into three main category they are:

  • Display ad- Display ad is also known as box ad. There are common types of ads in newspapers. Everyday products, cosmetics, electronics,home goods Advertisements are found here.
  • Insert ad-  Insert ad is another type of newspaper Advertisement where the business or organization places a full page ad or notice paper inside an newspaper as a stand alone paper. It has no attachment with the newspaper it is just inserted.
  • Classified ad- classified ads are charged by word count and organized for small ads like pets for sale, job requirements , announcements ,local activities and many more. They can appear in both print and Digital  versions.

Documents required

 Most of the advertisement does not require documents but in some cases documents are compulsory to publish an newspaper Advertisement. Such as,

  • Name change ad- A affidavit not more than 6 months or a gazette copy published by the department of publication, ministry of house or Urban affairs.
  • Lost and found Advertisement- FIR copy or general dairy or Notarized Affidavit

Different type of document are needed to publish an public notice such as,

  • Legal issue- property ownership, disownment etc.. are needed lawyer letterhead with duly signed or stamped.
  • Housing society- Advertisement should be written by the society head letter and it should be duly signed or stamped.
  • Company document missing- FIR contains perfect document details and company name and should not be more than 6 months old.
  • Obituary Advertisement- death Certificate of a deceased person or doctor note contains name and date of death and signed by the medical personnel.

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