Newspaper Advertisement rates

Newspaper Advertising Rates in Chennai

Technological advancement in recent years has urged almost all business owners to search for new opportunities and options to broadcast their brand messages effectively. One such interesting option to improvise your sales and brand is utilizing Newspaper Advertising. We all can’t imagine a day without newspapers. Newspapers usually provide us information on various fields like science and technology, political, economic, educational, and legal aspects. Are you worried about newspaper advertising rates? Now, you need not be worried about newspaper advertising rates and costs. Brands N Behind, a leading newspaper advertising agency in Chennai do offer numerous interesting advertising offers and catchy content to all business owners with affordable newspaper advertising rates.     

Brands N Behind, approved, and a trustable advertising agency in Chennai! You can book advertisements for all well-known Indian Newspapers through its offers with no additional newspaper advertising rates and costs. You can book advertisements in Brands N Behind under any category as per your priority. For booking the advertisement you simply need to follow certain guidelines and procedures of Brands N Behind. It will help you in promoting your business efficiently in all the newspapers in Chennai. Brands N Behind are also specialized in offering customized packages, media planning, and offers and that will help in getting the best response in the market!

In Chennai, Newspapers grasp more attention than other advertising options. A huge population in Chennai prefers one or the other newspaper and the most prominent newspapers in Chennai include, The Hindu, The Economic Times, The Times of India, Indian Express, and Deccan Chronicle. In Chennai, some prevalent regional newspapers do exist and that includes, Dinakaran, Eenadu, Daily Thanthi, and Matrubhumi. Newspaper advertising via Brands N Behind offers a huge number of benefits to all the business owners in the market. In Brands N Behind, we do have a team of professionals for providing you catchy and attractive content with minimal efforts. We do offer services at affordable newspaper advertising costs to all our consumers! Via our services you can reach out to your target consumers effortlessly and can improvise your sales to a great extent. 

Another attractive advantage regarding newspaper advertising in Chennai is that it’s capable of grasping all categories of people’s attraction. Unlike other means of advertising, newspapers can be availed by the consumers at an affordable rate, and also they can be viewed by the consumers whenever they require without any time limit. For expanding your business, Brands N Behind is one of the effective platforms to broadcast your brand message to the target consumers efficiently!

Why advertise in Newspapers?

Are you still confused regarding the use of newspaper advertising? Need not be worried, here we have listed some of the interesting benefits of newspaper advertising in the market. Having a look at this will fetch you a clear idea about newspaper advertising advantages and attractive features!

#1- Better Targeting

Newspaper advertising can target explicit geography that is customarily progressively hard to reach through different mediums. This permits sponsors to all the more successfully arrive at littler, specialty crowds, incorporating those in explicit topographical regions. This focused on promoting can run from startup organization to ordinary week by week areas in neighborhood papers and other unique distributions. 

#2- Highly Adaptable 

Papers offer more adaptability than some other publicizing medium. Business owners pick the specific size and area of the advertisement, just as plan. In contrast to different mediums, for example, the Internet, they likewise pick the specific time the advertisement shows up and its recurrence, guaranteeing that viewers will see a similar data, in a similar arrangement, in a similar area. Advertisers likewise have more command over the last item, by working straightforwardly with technical professionals in the team. 

Advertising via newspapers can likewise incorporate print-to-web highlights, for example, QR codes, to interface consumers with applicable web information, including exceptional offers and the sky is the limit from there. What’s more, the short lead times of newspapers consider speedy changes to any advertisement, while as yet complying with the essential time constraints.

#3- Affordable ad rates and costs

Newspaper advertising normally costs less per thousand consumers than TV, radio, and mail advertising. Furthermore, professionals involved in newspaper advertising will work straightforwardly with business owners to make promotions at no extra expense. 

Newspaper advertising can likewise be altered to meet any financial plan. The decrease in paper advertisement income implies less print and computerized promotions are remembered for every course. This is a critical advantage, as sponsors have less rivalry for promotion space (and clients) than different mediums. Extra offers and discounts can be given for improvising sales promotion and also for availing huge revenue returns. Newspaper advertising rates and costs are very minimal when compared to other advertising options in the market. In Brands N Behind, we do offer attractive advertising options at affordable newspaper ad rates and costs. You can get catchy attractive designs and contents from our professionals and also contents will be published and designed based on the advertiser preferences. 

#4- Massive Reach 

Even though declining in readership, a normal issue of an everyday or Sunday paper arrives at a larger number of grown-ups than a normal half-hour prime time network show. The audience likewise expels as well as spare data, including occasions, highlights on loved ones, coupons, and that’s just the beginning. While the normal ability to focus on an Internet client is 8 seconds, newspaper readers invest extensively more hours in glancing into the information published in papers, including the advertising contents. 

Newspaper readers are likewise progressively wealthy. As per Mansi Media, around 75% of all families with livelihoods of in any event $100,000 read papers. These are family units with essentially additionally buying power, who are likewise bound to be impacted by newspaper advertisements.

Newspaper Advertising rates and costs in Brands N Behind

Brands N Behind, a popular newspaper advertising agency in Chennai and we will help you in distributing your brand message to the target customers as per your needs and requirements. You can publish your brand message to the consumers through two alternatives like classified ads and classified text ads. We offer you various newspaper advertising choices in different categories like Lost &found ads, a vehicle available to be purchased or buy, wedding promotions, enrollments, property rentals or deals, tribute, instruction, etc at moderate publicizing rates. We are one of the approved newspaper advertising in Chennai and we offer you services at affordable newspaper advertising rates and costs

In the classified section of the newspaper, the publishing of advertisement is ordered into two categories and that incorporates classified text advertisements and classified display advertisements. 

#1-Classified display ads- These advertisements can be made and structured according to your requirement and decision with the assistance of various pictures, textual style, and logos. For designing the classified display ads, the advertisement rates and costs are concluded dependent on the space utilized and its advertising rate is charged per square centimeter. The limitation exists in boundaries like tallness and width to be utilized for structuring the advertisement. Color advertising or B/W advertising can be picked according to your decision and ad rates may vary based on your preferences. 

#2-Classified Text Ads-Classified text ads are only general textual information or advertisement and here the newspaper ad rates and costs are resolved dependent on the word or line length utilized in the content of the advertisement. For upgrading the appearance of your advertisement content, you can utilize different advertising alternatives like color preferences, blood, tick mark, etc. Utilizing this sort of upgrading choice in your advertisement will give you a superior effect and bigger attention in the target audience’s mind. 

Also, another category for advertisements does exist and it is the Display ads. 

#3-Display Ads-Displays advertisements are viewed as the most expensive alternative in enhancing your business through newspapers. Yet, the prominent advantage is that you can avail and enjoy the opportunity of picking the right advertising height and width according to the page of the newspaper you are publishing. You can promote the advertisement on any page like back, front, or page 3, etc. 

All notable papers in Chennai advertising rates and expenses for business promotion ads are chosen dependent on the reader’s readability and circulation of the newspaper across the city. You have to choose and design for a longer period before distributing your business information in Chennai newspapers.

You can enjoy the benefit of newspaper advertising rates and costs via publishing your advertising utilizing us. Moreover, we have a group of experts to direct you in making attractive advertising content and plans. We likewise help you in choosing the area of your advertising for reaching the target audience as indicated by your publicizing needs. We additionally help you in promoting in different papers in Chennai like The Hindu, Eenadu, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, Hindustan Times, Malayala Manorama, Tribune, etc. Get in touch with us quickly for profiting alluring advantages and brand advancement!