K TV Advertisement Rates

Why Advertise for K TV with us? 

  • Brands n behind facilitate booking your advertisement at customized costs. The K TVadvertisement rates are affordable with us as compared to any other Tv channel.
  • We have a weekly viewership of more than 80,000 viewers. 
  • Our booking assistance will assist you with all the K TVadvertisement booking right away. 
  • The tariff on K TVadvertisement is lowest as compared to any other K TV advertisement agency in Chennai. 

Cost of Advertisement on K TV

The K TV advertisement tariff depends upon certain factors that create an impact on the publicity of the advertisements. Several companies have been benefitted a lot from broadcasting advertisements at K TV. 

  • Seasonality: the time of the year also creates an impact on the advertisement of the ads on K TV. For instance, the tariff of an advertisement on K TVvaries from summers to autumn season. Thus, choosing the ads wisely for your brand is of the utmost importance. 
  • The demand for Ads:the demand for advertiser refers to the transparency and combined with the persistence of dedication towards their work. 
  • Length of the Commercial:The length of the ad also creates an impact on the tariff of the K TV Ideally, 30 seconds is the average time of the advertisement. If the advertisement exceeds it or is less than the prescribed time limit then the cost of the K TV advertisement might vary. 

How to advertise at K TV at Low Tariffs 

Tariff of advertisement at K TV can be customized, if the timings of the advertisement at kept within the average time limit then no extra cost has to be paid. Also, one can also alter the advertisement cost at K TV by shuffling the time slot of the advertisements. The ad can be displayed on K TV once in prime time and other repetition can take place during other time slots. 

Brands n behind provide an excellent opportunity in accessing the most unique opportunity in order to advertise their products and services to achieve a more loyal audience. As most of the brands have managed to make it large in the industry just because of the apt timing and wise placement of advertisements on K TV. This certainly not means that they have paid a high cost of the advertisement on K TV. We at brands n behind being the best of agency for advertisements of K TV will assist you at each and every step. 

Things to Know while advertising on K TV 

There are undoubtedly some essential factors which you should know if you are interested in advertising on K TV at a low cost. As the last-minute changes in your advertisement might cost you extra which is of no use. As the money should be invested in the required place only.

To reduce the cost of advertisement at K TV make your ad more creative

To reduce the tariff of advertisement at K TV it is important to make an eye-catching ad for your brand. It will instantly grab the attention of the potential leads. 

Choose the Correct Format 

Never make a mistake while finalizing the format of the advertisement on K TV. The ad should be whether in jpg format or png format only. As in many cases, it has been observed that if the ad is not of proper format it is not accepted. 

Reduce tariffs of advertisement at K TV by Booking under the given deadline

if the ad is being booked under the given deadline then, advertisements under this are generally considered for discounts from the K TV channel. We being the best K TV advertisement agency in Chennai, know each and every tactic for better advertisement outcomes at K TV. 

Payment options for advertisement at K TV  

One can easily do the payment of the ad accordingly. Based on the number and time duration of the advertisement. The payment options come in very handy with both offline and online options. Once the payment is done one can kick off with their superb campaign for their product or service. 

Tracking of the Advertisement campaign on K TV 

One can easily track the success and efficacy of the campaign by observing the live advertisement on the channels of K TV. The more repetitions of advertisement at K TV the more it will affect your business prospects. 

See the live advertisements at K TV 

We will provide all the details of the advertisement. As the tariff of advertisement at K TV, the timing when the ad will be telecasted and also, how much will be the cost of the advertisement in K TV in the case of repetition of the advertisement. As its always great to see the magnanimous results from your own eyes.