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Looking for a way to advertise your brand/product via Malayala Manorama newspaper? Here we are to help you out. We are one of the authorized and leading Malayala Manorama advertising agency in Chennai. We assist you in booking and publishing advertisements in Malayala Manorama newspaper just by spending low ad rates and costs. You can enjoy the best services and offers just by contacting us!

We have an advertising agency in Chennai to help you with booking classified advertisements in the Malayala Manorama newspaper. You can enjoy the opportunity of saving money since we have broadcasted and showcased the offers and packages for advertising your brand/product in Malayala Manorama via our trusted advertising agency in Chennai! We have a team of highly-skilled professionals and we make you feel comfortable with no sort of problem or issue in booking a newspaper advertisement.

Brands N Behind, a genuine and authorized advertising agency in Chennai serving advertisers to book and publish ads on newspapers in Chennai. You can publish your advertisement just by spending lesser ad rates and costs than other advertising agencies in Chennai. Additionally, with Brands N Behind you can book and publish newspaper advertisements in various leading newspapers like Times of India, Dinakaran, Dinamani, Economic times, Mathrubhumi, New Indian Express, The Hindu, Business Line, Dinamalar, Sakshi, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu Tamil, Malayala Manorama and Malayala Manorama.

Why Publish Malayala Manorama Advertisements in Chennai?

#1- Massive Reach in Southern India- As we all know, Malayala Manorama is one of the leading newspapers in Tamil Nadu and it has massive readers both regionally as well as nationally. Its reach is wider and has an unparalleled circulating network throughout the nation. If you are looking for huge reach in south India and planning to promote products/brands in national, international and regional categories, then advertising in Malayala Manorama newspaper is a highly preferable and efficient option too.

#2- Connect with Tamil NRI’s- Malayala Manorama has reached all over the nation and additionally there exists an international edition of Malayala Manorama and it’s been circulated in Dubai. It’s really rare to see this kind of circulation history in other leading newspapers in Chennai. Advertising in Dubai edition of Malayala Manorama has the capability of reaching people residing in Dubai sharing a similar ethnicity. You can build a strong customer base by publishing your advertisement in the international edition.

#3- The authorized source of advertising- For the past 76 years, Malayala Manorama newspaper advertising in Chennai is thriving and regarded as one of the trustable sources of advertising your brand/product. Its continuous circulation and massive reach in the market makes it a reliable option of advertising.

#4- Advertising Options- For releasing advertisements regarding your business and product, Malayala Manorama is providing various categories and offers. The advertising options include matrimonial ads, property ads, tender ads, obituary ads, and so on.

#5- Malayala Manorama is a well-known advertising medium that is incorporated with numerous supplements. Supplements depict information in various categories like entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, food and so on. Each supplement does have a huge sum of the audience and they prefer to read and show interest in specific categories as per their preferences. That’s why it’s wise to categorize your advertisement before publishing and this categorization of your brand assist in reaching the consumers effortlessly and thereby helps in getting greater response and impact for your brand!

What makes your advertisement more effective?

Advertising your brand/product in an innovative and catchy manner seems predominant than anything else! What makes your advertising more effective? Most business owners may not know this fact and end up with vain. But, the answer is here! Choosing the best newspaper advertising agency in Chennai seems to be the reason for the effectiveness of all the advertisements.

An efficient advertising agency role is to work tirelessly for the clients and to ensure them that they can achieve their end result as per their expectation from the ad input. We are one of those leading Malayala Manorama newspaper advertising agency in Chennai. We do offer services at reduced ad rates and it’s highly efficient. Contact and join us now for publishing your business/brand via Malayala Manorama newspaper in Chennai and you can check our Malayala Manorama ad rates for better clarity!

Ad categories for advertising in Malayala Manorama

Generally, advertisements in Malayala Manorama are accepted and published based on the three categories and which includes, classified display ad, classified text ad, and display ad. Malayala Manorama ad rates and costs are different for each category and at that time, it gets varied based on the location too. In some cities, the cost of advertising seems cheaper while in some other metropolitan cities it costs different.

#1- Classified display ads- Classifies display ads are charged based on the area used for advertising and it’s charged according to per square centimeter of the area being used. In this type of ad category, there exist restrictions in deciding the size of the advertisement however the ad design can be customized with the help of various fonts, image, color, and logo. Using this kind of enhancing options will give your ad higher visibility.

Categories of advertisements that can be displayed via classified display ads include matrimonial, property, recruitment, business, and rental ads.

#2- Classified text ads- Classified text ad rates are determined based on the number of words/ lines used in the advertisement. Advertisements are designed in line formats with some enhancing options. You can avail of those enhancing options by paying some additional costs. In classified text ads, there exists a restriction for the number of lines or words to be used in the advertisement designing.

Categories of advertisements that can be released via classified text ads include matrimonial, property, recruitment, personal notice, name change, and personal service.

#3- Display Ads- Like classified display ads, the ads rates of display ads are also calculated based on per square centimeter of the space used. Compared to other ad categories, the advertising costs of display ads seem quite higher and there is no restriction in choosing the space for advertising.

You can decide the ad size as quarter page, full page, half page or any other desired size according to your preference and you can enjoy complete freedom in choosing the position too. Display ads are being booked for categories like an obituary, education, commercial, banking, property, recruitment, real estate, and other services.

Looking for an outcome beyond your expectations? Then, without further delay start advertising your brand via Malayala Manorama newspaper advertising just by calling us. It’s time to explore!


Brands N Behind is Chennai’s leading advertising agency and via us, you can publish and develop newspaper advertisements for your brand/service from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy complete comfort and time saving via our services. Overall, publish attractive and catchy newspaper advertisements effortlessly!

You can categorize your advertisement easily since Malayala Manorama do post information in various ad categories like Property, Loss announcement, recruitment, matrimonial, business, obituary, education, a vehicle for sale, travel, change of name, property rental ads, services and so on. You can post advertisements in Malayala Manorama according to your category preference.

Presently, we book and publish ads for leading newspapers in Chennai like Times of India, Dinakaran, Dinamani, and The Economic Times, Mathrubhumi, New Indian Express, The Hindu, Business Line, Dinamalar, Sakshi, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu Tamil, Malayala Manorama and Malayala Manorama.

Brands N Behind, one of the trustable newspaper advertising agencies in Chennai and has more number of experiences in advertising services. We served a huge number of genuine clients all over the nation. It’s one of the prestigious advertising agency has a team of highly talented professionals to help you in publishing your advertisement to earn better brand identity and huge revenue return!