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Daily Thanthi is the leading Tamil Newspaper in South India and its Tamil counterpart is known as Dina Thanthi. In India, based on the circulation rate it ranks in the ninth position. Approximately, Daily Thanthi has a circulation of 1,679,830 copies on an average daily and covers almost 16 locations in India that include, Bangalore, Pondicherry, Chennai, Coimbatore, Dindigul, Cuddalore, Erode, Mumbai, Madurai, Tirupur, Nagercoil, Thanjavur, Tiruchirappalli, Salem, Tirunelveli, and Vellore. Daily Thanthi was established in the year 1972 and started initially in Madurai but now crossed various borders across the nation

Daily Thanthi Property For Sale advertising agency in Chennai-Brands N Behind

The Tamil  edition of Dina Thanthi has reached international borders too. Presently, there prevails an international edition of Daily Thanthi in Dubai and it caters to the Tamil peoples residing there. Because of its massive reach and popularity, Daily Thanthi is preferred by business owners and advertisers to advertise their commercial brands and services among the consumers in the market.

For advertising in the Daily Thanthi newspaper in Chennai, you need a leading Daily Thanthi advertising agency in Chennai for developing catchy and attractive content for your brand to indulge a larger impact on people’s minds. Brands N Behind, a leading Daily Thanthi advertising agency in Chennai assist you in booking and publishing advertisements in the Daily Thanthi newspaper in Chennai. Additionally, you can also book newspaper advertisements in other leading newspapers in Chennai like Dinakaran, Daily Thanthi, New Indian Express, The Economic Times, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Dinamalar, The Hindu Tamil, Sakshi, Malaya Manorama, Rajasthan Patrika, Business Line, and Mathurubhumi. You can avail of services at lower ad rates and beyond your expectations with huge revenue return and improvised brand identity.

As we know, India is a country that values deep-rooted cultural practices like arranged marriages, obsession with fair skin and dowry. We have match-making procedures ranging from ancient methodology to recent Property For Sale sites or social media sites like Facebook and so on. When love is not in-air, most people prefer arranged marriages and also parents prefer arranged marriages than other sorts of practices. Property For Sale advertisements in Chennai came into existence now! Choosing the right partner for life is the utmost requirement for all the bride and groom throughout the world. Chennai has its own cultural values and heritages while people living in Chennai may look for a perfect bride or groom regionally, nationally or internationally. Property For Sale advertisements in leading newspapers in Chennai will assist you in finding the perfect partner of your life!

Brands N Behind, a top newspaper Property For Sale advertising agency in Chennai helps you in publishing Property For Sale advertisements in the Chennai newspaper like Daily Thanthi and helps in getting a perfect partner as per your wish and need. Advertising your preferences in the Property For Sale advertisement column in Daily Thanthi newspaper will help in connecting with the soul mate of your life at the earliest. By booking a Property For Sale advertisement in our agency, we assure the clients with complete genuine service and affordability. We offer the lowest Property For Sale ad rates and costs in the market with various combo packages, offers, special deals and more than any other Property For Sale advertising agencies in Chennai.

Cost of Property For Sale Advertisement in Daily Thanthi

Property For Sale classifies ads in Daily Thanthi do accept in two formats and based on the ad format as well as enhancing options used Property For Sale ad rates and costs will be determined. The two formats of ads are classified display ads and classified text ads respectively. The ad rate depends upon the space used for advertising your requirements and formats used for improvising the visibility of your ad.

#1- Classified Display Ads– With the help of various logo designs, images, and font, classified display ads are been designed according to your choice without any sort of restriction. In Daily Thanthi Newspaper, based on per square centimeter of the area used for advertising the ad rates and costs are determined. But, you cannot enjoy freedom in deciding the height and width to be taken for advertising. You can decide color or b/w advertisement as per your choice but the cost for b/w and color advertisement is different and charged accordingly.

#2- Classified Text Ads– Classified text ads are nothing but a simple text advertisement. Its ad rates and cost are determined based on the number of words or lines used in the advertisement. Various enhancement options like bold, tick mark, the background color can be employed in the development of advertisement design in order to enhance the look of the classified text ads for earning higher visibility and brand reach. The ad rates for using these enhancement options may differ accordingly but highlighting your advertisement by these kinds of formatting options will get you more reach beyond your expectations in the market.

Why Property For Sale Advertisement in Daily Thanthi Newspaper Effective?

As mentioned earlier, Daily Thanthi newspaper is one of the leading Tamil daily newspapers and ranks ninth position in circulation rate. It’s regarded as one of the best advertising media and on average it reaches thousands of individuals on a daily basis. You can easily book Daily Thanthi advertisements in various categories like recruitment, Property For Sale, property, property rental ads, obituary, lost announcement, education, and a vehicle for sale, change of name, travel, services, and business. These ads can be booked and published with the smart newspaper advertising agency in Chennai, Brands N Behind with no sort of difficulty and lag. Why Property For Sale advertising in Daily Thanthi seems efficient? Let’s explore.

#1- Daily Thanthi has a reach of around 1 crore readers and hence advertising via Daily Thanthi will get you more visibility and massive reach in the market.

#2- It has strong and better editorial focus and hence can fetch you larger impact in the reader’s mind.

#3- Because of its reasonable and affordable cost of advertisement, it’s been a preferred choice of advertising medium among the advertisers.

#4- Daily Thanthi has readers in both rural as well as urban areas and hence you can choose the partner as per your wish and convenience.

Why Choose Brands N Behind for Daily Thanthi Property For Sale Advertisement?

Brands N Behind offers clients an easy and simple booking procedure to book and publish advertisements in the Daily Thanthi newspaper in Chennai just by spending lowest ad rates and costs. We have a team of professionals for helping you in developing ads and ensure you that you will not face any sort of difficulty or problem while tracking or booking your advertisement. You can also publish Property For Sale advertisements in various other newspapers like Dinakaran, Daily Thanthi, New Indian Express, The Economic Times, Times of India, Deccan Chronicle, The Hindu, Dinamalar, The Hindu Tamil, Sakshi, Malaya Manorama, Rajasthan Patrika, Business Line, and Mathurubhumi via Brands N Behinds.

We assist you in planning and designing of advertisement content with innovative and out of box designs to get you higher visibility and right partner of your life. We are one of the authorized and trustable newspaper advertising agencies in Chennai having so many years of experience in the advertising field. We take complete responsibility and care to publish your advertisement at the earliest possible time slot. You can place your Property For Sale advertisement from anywhere in the world and we can also say that the smoothest and fastest way to book your Daily Thanthi Property For Sale advertisement is via contacting us!

Property For Sale advertisement in newspapers is always like a helping tool or a platform for the bride or grooms to find their dream partner. Categories of newspaper advertisements we offer in Brands N Behind include Travel, recruitments, astrology, Property For Sale, property to rent, lost announcements, business, technological announcements, personal messages, services, education and so on. You can publish your advertisements under any of these categories via Brands N Behind, a leading newspaper advertising agency in Chennai by spending affordable advertising ad rates.  

Start finding the partner of your life now by publishing a Property For Sale advertisement in Daily Thanthi Chennai Newspaper! Contact us immediately and find the soul mate of your life! Enjoy services from Brands N Behind beyond your expectations!


Daily Thanthi is the popular Tamil daily and has a huge number of readers across the nation. The ad rates are determined based on two categories namely,

– Classified text ads

– Classified display ads

Yeah! You can publish the same advertisement content on two different leading newspapers on two different dates as per your preference. You can mention the dates and publications in which you wish to publish and accordingly we will help you out in publishing it.

You can enjoy benefits like-

  • Massive reach and wide circulation and thereby improvise the rate of the reader’s across the nation.
  • Special booking offers and discount packages.
  • Reduced and affordable advertising ad rates and costs.
  • Innovative and out of box ad designs.