Car or Cab Branding in Chennai 

Chennai is one of the metro cities in South India and also regarded as the leading business center in India. From past decades, Chennai and its business cultures are going at an alarming rate because of the advancement in technology. Since the businesses are growing massively, competition in the market is also increasing leading to fighting for the leading position among the competitors. For promoting your business in the market, you need to publish your brand via a powerful advertising medium. Companies are always been in need of smart advertising mediums in the market for proving their efficiency and also to earn brand identity.

Branding via Ola or UBER cabs seems to be a trending advertising option in the market especially in cities and it stands in the leading position when compared to other traditional advertising options like newspapers, television and so on. For target audiences, cabs or cars are actually a budget-friendly traveling option preferred for both long as well as short distances.

Cab branding in Chennai is evolving as a perfect advertising medium to brand your business among the target audience nowadays. Advertisements via Ola or UBER cabs in Chennai seem to be a passive medium advertising in which the consumer’s probability of exposing to the advertisement is more and at the same time, you can create a huge impact on the consumers’ minds. Cab branding in Chennai can be done with the help of an authorized car branding advertising agency in Chennai to make your task effortlessly and also to earn huge revenue return out of your advertisement. Brands N Behind, a leading Chennai cab advertising agency in Chennai offers the best advertising ad rates and costs to the advertisers. Years of association with many media owners and expertise in handling various campaigns have made Brands N Behind, cab branding advertising agency in Chennai, a preferred choice.

For getting maximum benefit via car advertising you must consider advertising your brand or service via UBER or Ola cabs since these two are famous brands under cab services in Chennai and is mostly used by the people across the city. However, advertising tactics and options may differ for both the brands in the market. Cab advertising in Chennai captures the entire target audience across the city and puts your advertisement perfectly right before the consumers without any flaws or backlogs. Since taxis/ cabs are an essential part of Chennai’s transport system and branding in cabs or taxis in Chennai will fetch your immediate response in the market!

Why advertise in Ola or UBER cabs in Chennai?

We can say that, cab/taxi advertising in Chennai as one of the refined ways of conveying the brand message to the consumers.
#1- Before advertising, almost all business owners need their advertisements to be viewed by the audiences in order to create an impression about their brand in their minds. Of course, cab branding in Chennai will make your task easier. They will fetch you massive reach and better brand identity.
#2- We may be familiar with the fact that Chennai is one of the busiest cities in South India and on average, every week each person needs to spend around 10-18 hours on traffic jams or in traffic signals. Therefore during the travel time as well as in dwell time, the business owners may interact with the target audience directly.
#3- Consumers may be in a calm and relaxed state during the travel time. In this positive frame of mind, they can perceive your brand message effectively and hence you can develop a larger impact on your brand or service in their minds via cab branding in Chennai.
Cab advertisement placements and benefits
Apart from innovative advertisement content and attractive designs, locating the place for publishing your advertisement in a cab/taxi also matters. Let’s now explore types of ad placements on cab branding in Chennai with its attractive benefits.
#1- Car wraps advertisements- The most effective way of car advertising in Chennai is publishing your brand advertisement in the form of a wrapper around the entire surface of the car. This way of advertising your brand grasps the attention of most consumers across the city. The visual attraction of your brand will develop more impact on people’s minds than any other advertising medium.
#2- In-side cab- With the help of LED screens mounted on the back seats of the cab you can advertise your business since the passengers may use those LED screens for listening to music and watching videos. These touch LED screens can features ads. You can also keep pamphlets or stick posters inside the car to attract the audience’s attention.
#3- Car Carriers- For branding purposes, the clients may also make use of car carriers. For mounting the ad display, the car carriers have the panels and this may get the audience’s attention.

Why Brands N Behind for cab or car advertising in Chennai?

Brands N Behind, prime cab or car advertising agency in Chennai, it is capable of advertising your brand or service to the target audience via its innovative advertising contents and out of box designs in the market. We have a team of experts who can ensure you with better reach among the target audience with affordable advertising ad rates and costs. We do offer special packages and affordable advertising ad rates and costs for both Ola advertising in Chennai as well as for UBER advertising in Chennai. Join Brands N Behind now, to enjoy attractive benefits!


Brands N Behind offers the best advertising rates and costs for cab advertising in Chennai. You can advertise your brand just by spending affordable rates with attractive benefits.

The minimum cars needed for both external as well as internal branding in Chennai is around 100 cabs for achieving a massive target audience reach in the market.

Yeah, of course! You can alter the designs or advertisement contents according to your preferences and priorities at any time of the campaign.