Brochure Printing in Chennai

Brochure printing in Chennai

If you are planning for giving your business a new dimension via advertising then brochures are indeed a good choice for you. with the cutting edge technology, not an only offline brochure but online brochures are also available. The offline brochures need to be distributed among big masses they need time but lets us know about the potential leads instantaneously. On the other hand, online brochures can reach up to large masses within a very short span of time. for instance, you are sending the brochure of your company or products via email then it will just require a few fractions of seconds to send it to several recipients. We at brands n behind provide a diverse range of customized offline and online brochures thus we are undoubtedly the best brochure printing company in Chennai. 

In the time of digital marketing where several businesses are flourishing on the basis of online tools why not use the Promotional brochures as a prominent marketing tool. These promotional brochures help in spreading the word of value to the clients in almost no time. one can choose a simple single-sided flyer or tri-sided flyers too. These brochures help in making an impactful entry in front of your clients. We at brands n behind have a team of expertise in brochure designing and printing. Our valuable team has combined over 25 years of experience in covering all the major aspects of printing and sharing knowledge in order to boom your business and take it to certain unmatchable heights. A well-formed brochure with apt customization and finishing will certainly help your customers understand the worth of your brand even way before they go through a single word from your brochure. An interesting and unique brochure will help your brand in making a memorable impression in front of your customers. 

You can certainly grab attention by adding some unique features to your brochures by the following things:

Brochure Foil Stamping:

This will give your brochures an unmatchable shine and finish. The brochure foil stamping includes heat and pressure which does the job. This also makes the brochure look a little brighter and also gives a matte look. The holographic foil or scratch foil makes it more colored and clear. The logo or design with the help of our team will make it pop correctly. 


Embossing is not new but not many companies still use it. however, it is not that necessary but gives a great impression of the brand logo or text provided for the company. The brochures can either be embossed or they can be debossed to forming the logos, images, or the text related to the services for adding a realistic touch to them. This can greatly make the brochure more appealing and also gives it a 3-D formation. According to a study, it has been observed that people have to ability to remember things more likely which they can touch or feel. Thus this embossing is in a way a very positive attribute towards your company. We keep suggesting our clients for using these things for their brochures which makes us the best brochure printers in Chennai. 

Customized Ink Options: 

Not all brochures need to be shiny or too flashy. A subtle ink sometimes can also solve the purpose. Scented inks or Pantone can add a more memorable touch to your brochure designs. These elements will help your brochure to stand out from the rest of the brochures in the market. Also, they are also relatively cheaper than foil stamping options. 

Based on the requirement of the clients the brochures can be varied. If the company just want to give details about them and their team then in that case the bi-folded brochures are the best or on contrary to this if they are planning to give a sneak peek to the services they provide or a brief about their products then they can use tri-folded brochures for that purpose too. We at brands n behind provide multiple flexible folding and creasing options too. The brands n behind provide the best of brochure printing services in Chennai just as your business requires them to be. Not all the companies in Chennai understand what their clients want but on the other hand, they just work on the same pattern and protocol for each of their clients. on contrary to this we talk to our clients regarding their business utility first as if they want to expand their whole business or the brochure is just about a product or two. After understanding it we make our agenda points and make a layout of how things will work for them. Then we start working on the project. 

Features of Brochure Printing services in Chennai at Brands N Behind

We take orders for any purpose but just keep this little thing in mind that the number of orders can go as low as to 25 also. Thus, if you need it for a small gathering or small purpose then we are the ultimate one-stop-shop for your business requirements. 

We provide a wide range of paper options for brochure printing to our clients. as mentioned above we also suggested our clients choose the material which will suit their business the best. Once the work is done we do not delay the shipment of it so that we meet up to our deadlines earliest possible. As the clock of deadlines starts ticking for us the moment we get a new project. 

We also give wide options of color patterns to our clients in brochures so that they can choose. If it is a tri-folded brochure then we also provide a schematic pattern for our client so that they can get a proper color combination and theme for their brochure. 

We also deal with delivering the brochures so in case if you are not able to make it up to us we will surely make it up to you. all the details of the company are kept in mind while designing any brochure at brands n behind.