What is the Strategy Behind No Parking board advertising in Chennai?

What is the Strategy Behind No Parking board advertising in Chennai?


No Parking Board Advertising in Chennai is a great advertisement used for communicating important information to the public. They are done on the society gate, public places, and on the roads. No parking boards are considered as the signboards found on the gates of poles, bungalows, in front of your society gates, colony, etc.

No Parking Board Advertisements is noticed by the people passing by the area, bystanders, and also by the building residents. It helps people who look over the no parking board to build curiosity, and it never fails to stands in their mind at both subconscious and at a conscious level. The Municipal department has semi-regulated the grey market of No Parking Boards.

No Parking Boards can be installed in parks and garden grill near to railway or metro stations, entrance gates of RWA and society gate, near lift walls, shopping complexes, near food stalls, cinema halls, stair entrances, inner road poles, and more.

Advantages of No Parking Board Ads:

Some of the benefits of this No Parking Board Ads include

●      Waterproof and tangible ad material

●      Branding, Brand Recall, and Brand Recognition

●      Location targeting

●      Easy Installation

●      Lightweight material

●      Better visibility

●      Longevity of advertisement

●      An advertising medium of High on return

The strategy behind the No Parking Board Advertisements:

Most of the people who pass by the gates, who park the vehicle in front of the bungalow, where the No Parking Boards are posted notice the ads. This type of advertisement is best suited for branding purposes for small-medium enterprises and brand recall purposes for big brands. Once the no parking board ads are installed, it stays at least six months. It stays unless anyone removes the advertisement from their society gate or other areas.

What are the types of No Parking Boards?

The No parking board advertisement differs based on the board material used. It is a unique advertising form, and it stays valid for long. The ads are simple to install, and they remain competent in any weather condition. There are various types namely

●      Metal or Tin Sheets

●      Prismatic Sheets

●      Reflective Sheets

●      Sun pack Sheets

What is the execution process of Brandsnbehind?

1.         Choose variables: Target locations, the total number of boards, start date, campaign duration, media options, etc. You can mail us if you need help with the planning.

VariablesSample Variable Selections
Target Location 
Total Number of Boards 
Campaign Start Date 
Media Options 
Campaign Duration 

2. Complete the above table and email us. You can also create a package online at Brandsnbehind.

3. Once confirming the availability of the space for the ad and discount during the booking time.

4. Once we have confirmed our availability, you can submit your artwork and make the payment.

Why choose Brandsnbehind for No Parking Board ads?

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